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Tripiatrate Truck; The Bongo Platform (Mazda Bongo, Nissan Vanette Truck and Mitsubishi Delica truck)

MAN TGM 18.240 Rosenbauer TLF 4000 Fire Engines; Breathing new life to our ailing government firefighters..

The colorful turnover ceremony last march 14, @ DILG office in Manila, so good to see our government units are improving!
You might not believe this at first but its true; due to the blood and sweat our late DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo has spilled thru good governance and transparent leadership, we now have some of the latest firetrucks similar to most develop countries like Singapore and Hong Kong ,  meet our newly accuired MAN Diesel-Rosenabuer TGM-TLF 4000 Firetrucks..

Achim Android Tablet.. Something new in North Korea..

well don't be so selfish about android technology.. give the schoolgirls and college girls in the hermit kingdom a chance..

Happy Knowledge Day! Bacolod City!

Its back to school in the City of Smiles.. its a simple day for them but special..
Greeting all Bacolod students "Schastlivyy Den' Znaniy !" or Happy Knowledge day! today is the day where Schools all over the Philippines Formally Starts..

Flickr now offers 1 terabyte of storage!

1 TB worth of space is too good to be true right?? most of my pics and pics submitted to me are just around 2 to 4 megapixels while the maximum is around 12, half a million pics can't be handled by my powers.. :)

Photo sharing website Flickr has been given a massive makeover under Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer's stewardship.
Flickr now gives all free user accounts one terabyte of free storage. 

well this has been a great news for free account users, especially those who are into photographing regularly, bloggers, amateur keepsakers and of course.. our Bacolod Feelers.. our techy little schoolgirls here will enjoy such size of storage as  to this will fullfill their need for pixelizing their memories.. yup its also a big help for professionals who wants more space for their growing collection of photos..