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Flickr now offers 1 terabyte of storage!

1 TB worth of space is too good to be true right?? most of my pics and pics submitted to me are just around 2 to 4 megapixels while the maximum is around 12, half a million pics can't be handled by my powers.. :)

Photo sharing website Flickr has been given a massive makeover under Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer's stewardship.
Flickr now gives all free user accounts one terabyte of free storage. 

well this has been a great news for free account users, especially those who are into photographing regularly, bloggers, amateur keepsakers and of course.. our Bacolod Feelers.. our techy little schoolgirls here will enjoy such size of storage as  to this will fullfill their need for pixelizing their memories.. yup its also a big help for professionals who wants more space for their growing collection of photos..

well there's some new revamps that made the site more interesting;

The new flickr home screen adds a few nice bars and previews of activities you have in the site; and gives a more fluid flow of your recent activities..  

The new interface seems to give more vibrancy and touch to the photos; well its seems this revamp is attracting not only photo professionals but also amateur bloggers like me and even noobies..  

The Photostream is Given a extended window style used similarly to major OS like windows 8 which uses this kind of interface..

the new photo page is revamped with a carousel-style frame and all buttons have been moved to the right bottom corner; it seems to help make the pictures more viewable..
The new design "puts photos at the heart of the Flickr experience," with users' photostreams now arranged in a seamless layout that has become the norm among other social networks such as Pinterest. 

even in sharing in SNS sites have been enhanced;  well this gives more flexibility.. 


I haven't even got to 1% of the total storage space.. woot.. 

Yahoo! says that if you took a photo every day, it would take 61.5 years to fill a terabyte.

Aside from 1TB of free space to all users, enough to store more than 500,000 images. For $49.99 a year, users will be able to get an ad-free experience, and for $499.99 they can expand their storage limit to 2TB.  but im happy with 1 TB.. 

premium subscription offers include a 2 terabytes of storage worth $50 roughly around P1000+ and an ad-free, 2 terabytes subscription around $500; well 1 terabyte is good enough for me.. and I don't mind those ads.. 

but so much for this! Flickr has got the comrade's approval!! and of course a major major thanks to their CEO  Marissa Meyer for improving Flickr's services.. 

Well Comrades; if you want to try out this big pic storage space click to the Flickr website and enjoy such big differences.. 

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