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May your summer be merry in May!

yeah! everyone is having fun right now!!; some lovely young girls enjoying the a bit polluted beach of puntataytay..
Well, its summertime here in Bacolod and the vacation month is coming nearer to close so well so many here are trying to get enough of the fun of May, here's some would you like to see some action in some beaches around bacolod and negros..

young arvee enjoying the cool breeze at sipalay!
Well while others enjoy the beach.. others enjoy going up to mountain resorts and camps outside the city..

Two young ladies enjoying the slide for life in Mambukal

The "Wonderful Girls" enjoying the so-called "spiritual gulag" in a Silay resort..
somew just start the day by dipping out in the pool; He just offends girls! he's too errnt

Others, well who can afford fend off to places like boracay and puerto galera..
Others enjoy an out of negros trip such as boracay perhaps or puerto galera..
Empress Twinkle also enjoying the sands of boracay..
What's more enjoying of course! the foody!! lots-o-foodies!! keep people like these in the chum run..

grilled porkchops "sinugba nga baboy" is a staple of most outings...

so is the old, tried and tested, chicken pork adobo.. never left behind during excursions..

Its May 1 today! so I give hail to our great cooks and utilities my real compatriots!!

well but for most teens and younger ones; this kind of treats is a must! that must never be forgotten! 
Well I hope you get an idea of how some of my comrades spend their Month of May; but for now, Glory to Labor!! and good evening to all!!

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