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Quick Summary on Comrade Mijur

Comrade Mijur currently Resides in Bacolod City and writes about jeeps and jeepneys, bacolod and illongo life, Bacolod Schools, Bacolod college life, Otaku and anime, Technical, gadgets and software and anything that comes under a good topic. he has a small moonlighting business specializing in refrigeration and air conditioning repair and computer repair.

A real Bacolodnon with a taste of uniqueness, he has been a part time computer technician and a technical maintenance personell in many companies. Comrade Mijur is also a military cosplay expert who specializes in soviet, russian, chinese and east european militaria,

Comrade Mijur is also an enthusiast in anime and manga and also has interest in otaku culture, Japan and Russia. He also has appreciation in East European and German vehicles, his personal favorites are Trabant, Lada, Gaz, and for trucks; MAN diesel, Ural and Zil. he also likes automotive scene from Japan and Europe.

Comrade Mijur speaks English and Filipino and the Local Dialect Hiligaynon or Illongo. he can also understand languages such Japanese and Russian and he can its speak basic sentences.

What Does Comrade Mijur Do?

As a technician, comrade mijur has been working for a while with different individuals and organizations around Bacolod City. His concentration is mostly in maintenance and installation of refrigeration and Air Conditioning Units from the typical household refrigerators and window air conditioners to heavy duty commercial systems. He also has a broad knowledge in computers mostly in hardware, and has assembled numerous computers in addition he has automotive repair skills which is his home-grown talent.

Comrade Mijur is also an airsoft enthusiast and an OPPFORCE Specialist; which some of his spare time, Comrade Mijur Studies Military Doctrine of Soviet, Russian, and Chinese Military

Comrade Mijur's IT experiences

Site creation:

Comrade Mijur is one of the guys responsible for some simple and free
websites for the following individuals and organizations:

- one of the site creators and admins of Girls and Jeeps

- created and edited over a dozen individual's friendster and myspace accounts

- created the website for the Bacolod Alliance Church

- created many other websites for other organizations using free hosting sites

Occupational highlights:

- Prudentialife Properties inc.- maintenance personnel (presently)

- Airpac System Control Services - apprentice technician (2005-2006)

- NAD Refrigeration and Airconditioning - technician (2006-2007)

- PC Masters Computers - computer technician (2004)


welcome to my headquarters, this crude and lonely facility is my base of operations, equipped with equipment from the "cold-war era" I run everything for people to know more about Bacolod City.

my facility contains; a 2008 desktop pc, a 1970's office desk, a 1983 comprehensive map of the republic of the Philippines and many more! this forms a really fantastic atmosphere, as i was born during the mid-80's....


to see some of my gadgets I use around town click the conscript below