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MAN TGM 18.240 Rosenbauer TLF 4000 Fire Engines; Breathing new life to our ailing government firefighters..

The colorful turnover ceremony last march 14, @ DILG office in Manila, so good to see our government units are improving!
You might not believe this at first but its true; due to the blood and sweat our late DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo has spilled thru good governance and transparent leadership, we now have some of the latest firetrucks similar to most develop countries like Singapore and Hong Kong ,  meet our newly accuired MAN Diesel-Rosenabuer TGM-TLF 4000 Firetrucks..

This video from BFP shows some of the unique features of the TGM-TLF 4000 Fire truck

Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II turned over Just last March 14 38 top-of-the-line MAN Rosenbauer fire trucks to different cities nationwide in the presence of Austrian Ambassador Wilhelm Donko, the recipient city mayors, and officers and members of the BFP led by Fire Chief Superintendent Carlito Romero.

“This is very important as we all know our firemen lack equipment and these new fire trucks could boost firefighting capability, particularly in highly urbanized areas,” Roxas said.

Roxas credited the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo for initiating the project to acquire more fire trucks.

Roxas said 11 of the fire trucks will be deployed in Metro Manila and nine trucks each will be sent to other urban areas in Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.

The fire trucks were built to respond to fires in highly urbanized areas.

Roxas said the 38 Austrian-made Rosenbauer TLF 4000 fire trucks represent half of the 76 units that the government has procured through a soft loan package of about P1.1 billion.

By the way.. you'd ask Where and Who is Rosenbauer AG??

Well; The Rosenbauer Group is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles, based in Leonding, Austria.

Rosenbauer supplies the fire fighting sector in over 100 countries with a wide range of custom fire and rescue apparatus and services. It produces its extensive series of fire fighting vehicles and aerials in three continents, to both European and US Standards.

also; , Rosenbauer has over 2000 employees worldwide and turnover was about €595 Million Euros. Over 90% of the production is exported and the company has sites in Luckenwalde, Passau, Karlsruhe, Oberglatt (Switzerland), Madrid, Lyons (South Dakota) and Singapore.

The company has a wide range of firefighting equipment which so to include  flying firefighting vehicles, water cannons for police forces and has come back on the firefighters fittings and rescue and emergency equipments (uniforms, helmets etc..).

here is another demo of the MAN-Rosenbauer TGM-TLF 4000 AT Series from rosenabauer AG which is a  newer lineup with all power options; although our TLF models have 3/4's the features of the latest AT line of rosenbauer TLF,  its a big leap and power upgrade for our reliable BFP firefighters.. 

The TLF firetrucks are in a loan is payable in 17 and a half years with an interest rate of one percent per year.

Each fire truck has four doors with a seating capacity of seven passengers and equipped with ladders that could reach up to an eight-story building.

These are 1,000-gallon water pumper fire trucks capable of discharging 2,400 liters of water per minute. Powerful water cannons are mounted on the fire trucks which are equipped with two quick response hoses and two regular hoses.

They have a total of five firefighting weapons that can be used simultaneously for faster and better fire control action and can be pulled out easily.

The Rosenbauer TLF-4000 is powered by a Six-cylinder MAN  D08 series Common Rail  Euro 6 Diesel Engine  which is rated at  240-340 HP.

Most of the vehicles are serviced by MAN Diesel Trucks Authorized dealer and Service Agent MAN Automotive Concessionaires Inc.  for parts, routine electronic maintenance and OBD, 

To update our visitors; here is a shot I got while roaming around town, this is BFP-San Juan Fire Station's very own brand new Rosenbauer TGM-TLF 18.240 4000 firetruck I hope the local firefighters take care of this unit not to bump it on cars, and also to our fellow Bacolod Motorists, take care of this new equipment.. give way to government emergency vehicles if they need the right of way.. lets work together in maintaining and keeping this newly acquired  vehicles in tip top shape.. 
In closing the untimely departure of the late secretary Jesse Robredo did go in vain as this is the product of the blood and sweat he has poured thru his good governance of the DILG, may these 70+ units of MAN Rosenbauer TLF fire trucks reminds us all of his leadership and skills that we must put it to use not only in the government but also in our life as well.. so lets take care of it, when it comes thru the road respect the right of way of emergency vehicles, give way for this firetrucks, and lets start not only good fire prevention and control but good governance and orderliness in our country..  

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