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Achim Android Tablet.. Something new in North Korea..

well don't be so selfish about android technology.. give the schoolgirls and college girls in the hermit kingdom a chance..

Recently this year KCNA released images of a new series of IT devices (mostly android based)
and now has a new tablet computer and it’s a hit with students, according to a report from the state-run KCNA news agency on Wednesday. Reported by KCNA as being developed, manufactured and available in the DPRK, although the device is almost certainly imported from China..

The Achim tablet is 7 inches big, 300 grams heavy, and has a battery life of 5 hours. It is said to be gaining traction in schools and with young students. it runs on a state-developed linux/ Android 4.0 ICS OS which is installed right after the device arrives in the hermit kingdom..

some standard android apps and google apps are available as to we know Google CEO's were given a chance to visit North Korea a few months this year,

Factory workers re-pack and test newly imported Achim Tablets 

The Achim provides “teaching materials, references, dictionaries and scientific data.” and has a few government sanctioned games and apps mostly ebook readers and audiobooks and mp3 apps; most of the music that can downloaded may well be  state sanctioned.. (this music includes may not be limited; Mansudae Art Troupe and Pochonbo Ensemble; and more latest Moranbong State band.. )

Well as the report said there is also a promotion of the State that young software engineers are given opportunity to develop softwares for the tablet, not limited to useful apps mostly for promotion of government ideals and school resources only.

considering its mostly has state sanctioned apps; I doubt it has the ability to connect to the internet..  there is no free wifi in Pyongyang.. actually if there is; its still a secured VPN line..

well this shows to the netizens around the world, younger generations of North Koreans like Anja and younger students are probably tired of their wooden radios and state-owned notebooks..

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