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Tripiatrate Truck; The Bongo Platform (Mazda Bongo, Nissan Vanette Truck and Mitsubishi Delica truck)

The 4th generation Mazda Bongo Platform is now getting popular among small business owners around bacolod and some jeepney operators are getting interested and while others are having interest on this platform..

The Bongo platform came out in 1999 in Japan and 2 years after in australia, a small number of this model are already running around the streets of Bacolod and many are getting impressed about this

Today, there are 3 companies that produce and share components of the Bongo platform mainly:

Mazda- manufactured as the Bongo Truck and Bongo Van
Mitsubishi - manufactured and rebadged as the Delica truck and the Delica Biz van
Nissan- manufactured and rebadged as the Vanette truck SG21 and Vanette SG21 van

An actual Mazda Bongo Truck being repaired somewhere in Bacolod

well, I was able to get some data and some traits of this potential jeepney platform and some opinions and reviews about it, you can read more about this in the post here...

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