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The illongo student teachers

if it seems that there is no hope for the education system of the philippines well there is.. here they are the student teachers of bacolod and negros.. well here is a collection of  some pics shared thru a social networking site which may impress you of how this young people try it hard to revive quality of our education and lets showcase some new uniforms..

Bacolod City College

BCC Education Major Student Teacher uniform type 1

BCC Education Major Student Teacher uniform Type 2

well good thing some girls from the bacolod city college taculing campus gave us a peek on their new uniform which is the first among i've seen, from the institusion, originally BCC education majors never had student teacher uniforms in their last batch well I think this batch dcided its time for BCC education majors to have an identity to show the education community and host schools..

I just love the colors of the illongo student teachers; they make every illongo student's September and summer life  more colorful..

the new uniform by the BCC education majors is composed of a lilac blouse and pencil skirt of the same kind of fabric, the second one is a set of pink blouse made of katrina and black slacks made of oxford.

strictness is not the real key to discpiling a student, patience, understanding, and going down to their level is the best key to being a good teacher.. 

hey! every student teacher must never forget to wear their name pins.. your gonna have incomplete uniforms if you don't wear one...


yes the pioneer state colleges of the education courses also has introduced a newer uniform which the updated for this 2010 batch.. they had many student teacher uniform design which in terms came and go to many

Purple uniform design; light violet skirt paired with periwinkle blouses and a cream colored scarf..

Alternate blue uniform; blue pencil skirt,  powder blue blouse, and a set of scarf 
Alternate Uniform of the CHMSC BEED majors

The latest design being worn by CHMSC's BSED department; it seems to be using a dark green alternate pipings in the collar and sleeves and the skirt, 

well some student teachers have preferred to be very simple to wear their uniforms but their are those who like to lavish themselves with luxury such additional accessories, collar pins(for those academic feelers..), high heel shoes, luxurious white stockings and even if she gets flirty; sexy and lacy white or black pantyhoses and if she gets it right, some really sexy underwear with matching garter belts to suspend her panty hose... well its just another means how a state college student teacher goes into her fashion sense..

well that's it for now for the illongo student teacher uniforms in the state college categories, I hope my comrade otakus out there like this post that you now have an idea of our country's education system..

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