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First ever cosplay cafe in the city of smiles!

This I think is the first true cosplay cafe which is organized and managed by illongo anime enthusiasts and illongo otakus in Bacolod, this was held in USLS or University of St. La Salle Bacolod, the event was considered a success as to their are many of their fellow students were entertained had fun with their small but very unique event..

A sample of flyers that was posted in social networking sites

the event was organized by few USLS students which was under the group Otaku Geirin Bacolod Chapter. although the group did not really got perfect costumes, they did their best to entertain the guests and fellow students who visited their booth..

your gonna love the meidos.. 
 The waiters and maids were all dressed up for the event and look! they even have a mascot!

although they had very limited resources, the organizers did their best and used whatever in hand they have, whiuch made the vent eneteraining.. whats more they served coffe, drinks and some home made treats.. I wonder if they had choco crinkles in their menu..

Simple and your usual cafe drinks and pastries but your gonna be entertained by the cosplay servers who really looked at their best..

can i take your orders??
yes simple but unique, entertaining and revolutionary.. who knows maybe this event will help improve our illongo otaku comrades on their next planned events such as this cosplay cafe..

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