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Bacolod High School Schoolgirls IDs

An ID of  4th year Senior student from NOHS; notice that she covered her original face with an insert of her favorite anime character..

Well to everyone who don't know more about how a filipina high school student's ID would look like, well here's some pics I would definitely like to share more for my comrades who want to know more about bacolod school life and more about students in the city of smiles..

The ID

The common student id of filipino students today are made of either the pvc type and the laminated type. the most common feature of it is the following:

-it indicates the bearer's name
-it has picture of the ID holder
-for public schools; it holds the name of the bearer's section adviser
- it has a signature of the person in authority such as principals, deans, department heads, OIC's etc..

other ID's include digital features similar to smart cards but only a few private educational institutions have this feature their student ID.
well here are some samples of the Front of an ID from two year levels

An ID of an NOHS Senior

An ID of an NOHS Junior

The recent kinds of ID are either of 5x5 inches or 10x4 inches type the sample i've shown you is the 10x4 type which is now very common in my alma mater today (during our time our ID's are the more ergonomic 5x5 types.. ), is very bulky and not a good thing to wear around considering its like a mugshot nameplate which anytime the school authritities can use to take mugshots of students..

At the back of the ID is the Class schedule for this young schoolgirl; it contains a lot of information such as emergency numbers, class schedules, blood type, her section, and now its being blocked by some more unorganized collection of club ID's, Cards, and name plates.

at the back of the ID and the plastic case are the owner's collection club id's, name stickers and other memorabilias of their recently joined organized activities such as seminars, symposiums and similar activities,

well if time come's i'll be posting more samples of Bacolod Schoolgirl's ID's but remeber; i'll be censoring them a lot to consider some of the site's visitors may try finding these ID holder's true identity, I hope you like my post!

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