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Recycled SD cards - danny choo

comrade danny seems to have shared to us another useful application which may help end our nightmares in saved data..

remember those pictures where we just got and then a moment we transfer them to another reader then the picture gets cut into two in the middle! frustrating right? well it seems danny choo has proven this thru his post lately, which tackles the issues on recycled SD cards

danny seems skeptical about a pair of cheap SD cards which he bought from amazon japan, well he used a software for mac called Filesalvage which is a Mac enviromnent data recovery software capable also of fixing windows based files systems such as NTFS and FAT.

FileSalvage in action. the "0 x 0" thumbnails are data that it could not recover.

too bad there is no windows version yet I hope the developers of FileSalvage release a windows version for this...

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