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TUPV Girls- college female uniforms in Technological University of the Philippines- Visayas

The TUP Visayas College Girl the beautiful industrialist..

When you come down here in Bacolod City you will notice girls in this kind of uniform.. they will shock you.. they buy electronic components in radio and electronic stores around town.. they can be seen in malls and many other leisure places and their favorite hangout is the robinsons mall in mandalagan... don't be shy to approach these beautiful industrialists because they are more friendlier than those chmsc girls from the nearby CHMSC talisay campus...

meet the TUP Visayas College girls; known one of the foremost most technically knowledgeable women in negros, they come from my mother insitiute the Technological University of the Philippines-Visayas in the neighboring city of Talisay, Negros..

a short description of this institusion;
TUP Visayas campus started with the Letter of Instruction (LOI) No. 79 issued by President Ferdinand E. Marcos on December 28, 1978 authorizing TUP to administer the operation of the then Visayas Technician Institute. In 1985, pursuant to TUP Implementing Order No. 85-15, the Visayas Technician Institute was renamed the TUP Visayas campus. Presently, TUP Visayas is situated in Talisay City, Negros Occidental with two branches located in Sagay City and Cadiz City. Currently, the academic offerings of TUP Visayas campus are in the 3-year technology courses, bachelor’s degree, and masters degree in Technology.

A TUPV Guy and A TUPvette
 TUPV is the shortened acronym for the school, mainly all student are dubbed "tupvians" but according to comrade grail, he likes to call our girls "tupvettes" instead..

The TUPV girl's day to day uniform is composed of a blouse and a pair of slacks; the blouse as recommended is composed of a whole set blouse, made to fit the young tupvette the blouse is made of the textile oxford, similar to that used on USLS girl's blouses, its also the same color and is different in terms of hemming.. a special pipping of royal blue fabric is stitched into the collar and bands of the blouse.

the slacks meanwhile is made of the same oxford textile but is of royal blue fabric,  some girls also have an option of a pencil skirt instead of slacks.

footwear is similar to all college girls around town ranging from pushers, penny loafers, mules and sandals.

An example of TUPV's PE uniform
Other uniforms:

other uniforms include a PE Uniform made of a tshirt made of maroon and white and has a logo of the college and the owner's family name printed at the back, another one is a civilian polo-tshirt version which the color ranges from grey to olive green and is paired with jeans and or similar denim wears, another one is the SIT or OJT tshirt, indicating the OJT Level (known as SIT and goes from 1, 2, and 3)

the uniforms of TUP Visayas have undergone 2 changes, today most first year girls are obliged to embroid big capitilized letters "TUPV" into the left chest portion of the blouses and some minor detail changes... older students especially before 2007 do not require this; and there is another directive to add a tuesday-thursday uniform for the next coming years...

to all those otakus from akiba who want to find more of these girls the school is just a ride away from the silay airport...

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