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Internet Connection via Cable Optics in Japan - danny choo

What is it like with internet connections in Japan?? well Danny Choo can let you see what its like in connecting a house or a small business in Japan to the net. here are some footages you might see very more usual to them as it also looks the same here, but on the contrary its more systematic than that being done by filipino broadband contractors.

first up the cable guys unpack their tools and their load out of their working van, In Japan some contractors tend to use kei vans such as these in order to minimize road taxes, even also, kei vans such these used by contractors are in large numbers, some local contractors here are now influenced by these style of fleeting scheme.

first out, an additional line for his purposes this mainly points out comrade danny needs another internet line because:

-he can physically keep his private home network separate from an externally facing server - rather not have his private stuff on the same network.

-he wanted to have the freedom of disconnecting their private optic fiber modem for various reasons - cleaning up, moving things around etc - he cant really disconnect the line for a live server all the time.

-Save 12,000 USD per year that some of  his dedicated hosting costs.

-and most most of all so that he can learn the process of how to do all the settings involved in setting up a server at home from scratch.

here the technician lists down and rolls out some fiber cables into the wall socket.

the hooked ladder is setup so that the technician can access the phone junction box, the guy blue suit will aide the technician by guiding traffic away from the ladder, as Danny said in the UK, some chavs would beat up the guy in the blue suit and steal the ladder...
danny give a more detailed shot of the junction box of the fibre optic line note NTT's Logo..
The optic connection he subscribed is a 100Mbps Hikari line from NTT which costs about 1,022 yen per month for the first year - goes up to 6,720 yen for the second year. Its a Flets Home Type promotion that he found on

the pics above shows the step by step processes that the technicians are doing in securing and clamping the lines to the pole and checking the telecom's junction boxes similar to the guys at PLDT are doing..

You can just about make out the outlet covers on the side of the house. The majority of houses built in Japan follow guidelines as to how electricity, TV and telecommunications are pulled into a house.
From these outlets on the wall, a yellow plastic corrugated tube runs to certain parts of the house enabling a brand new house to be wired up almost instantaneously.

New houses only come wired with electricity and you have to call the local services to pull telecommunications, cable or whatever to the house.

the technician finally reels in the wire that will enter Danny's house the extra cable will be spun inside to the choice of location danny wanted, while the cables will be fixed by a steel and ceramic telephone insulator dongle.

the technician checks and reels out the wire and checks for voltage and live readings..

and lastly the technicians check the signal with their laptop and readies the modem for installation..

One thing I absolutely like about living in Japan - enjoying the diligence and devotion that most Japanese folks devote to their jobs. The level of service experience over there is unlike anything I've seen anywhere around the globe.

this is a PR-S300SE optic fiber modem. Has a web interface at where you can open ports and set NAT/filtering settings and what have you. You can also turn off responses to Pings too.
Optic fiber telephone in Japan is known as Hikari Denwa [光電話].
The only boo boo about this is that you cant make calls without the modem

one of the final destination that the cable goes into is into danny's super-secret armory where the cable will hook up with Small business and home office servers which danny has for an additional server hosting and data transferring upgrade..

well as I can even though of these I can see how dedicated the Japanese are in their work.. well I hope ou technicians here in bacolod kind of like this guys.. well I hope you now have an Idea on how japanese people connect to the internet.

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