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Tata Commercial Vehicles- potential platforms for Negros long distance routes and local hauling

The model above is the TATA LPTA 4x4 which is perfect for routes such as areas in Negros such Don Salavador Benedicto and San Carlos

For some corporate information; Tata Motors Ltd. is headquartered in Mumbai, India. and is Part of the Tata Group, it was formerly known as TELCO (TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company). Tata Motors has a consolidated revenue of USD 16 billion after the acquisition of British automotive brands Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008.

Tata's commercial vehicle lineup has been poking my interests this following days, one of the traits that Tata Commercial vehicles that caught up with me is the globally vast popularity in some parts of the world including eastern africa, west asia, some countries in the ASEAN sphere mainly to point Thailand, and even in south korea. I can assure of  Tata's reliability and quality has been outstanding because if its not; it would never sell that good in Africa. some of tata's technologies benefit from british engineering which was redesigned to indian standards. The company is the world’s fourth largest truck manufacturer, and the world’s second largest bus manufacturer. In India Tata ranks as the leader in every commercial vehicle segment.

so here are some of  Tata's commercial vehicles which may interest you;

Tata Ace

 for those who don't want either a brand new "sub-engineered" chinese kei truck or don't want that furious maintenance dillema with surplus japanese kei trucks, Tata has the answer to your problem, meet the ace. the tata ace was built under the basis of being a short haul urban, suburb and small farm working vehicles like its japanese counterparts, the ace has all its specifications similar to Suzuki carries, Mazda Scrums, and Mitsubishi

 Tata tl and xenon pickups

 For those who can't afford a navarra or a strada or even a dmax, and don't trust chinese Isuzu pickup clones, Tata also has a solution; meet the TL, also known as the xenon, its price is competitive enough to compete with chinese clone pickups and still is well below the price index of japanese makes.. the pickup is assembled in Bangalore and Thailand, making possible Filipinos to have one too..
tata xenon and TL's interior.

The original engine is 2.0 Diesel engine with mechanical distributor type injection pump later the TL and the Xenon features a 2.2 litre direct injection common rail (DICOR) engine with variable turbine technology (VTT) and intercooler promising high durability, ease of maintenance and low spare part prices. The 2.2l VTT DICOR common-rail diesel technology offers excellent power delivery and low fuel consumption. The Xenon has been designed with high suspension from origin.

The pickup's body boasts of 0.8-1.5mm thick steel sheets, thicker than other pickups in the market, for better durability and safety.

Tata carried out extensive research in the ASEAN region and finally decided to invest Bt1.3 billion in Thailand to produce the Xenon pickup truck. Thailand is reputed as a 1-tonne pickup manufacturing destination with a strong supplier base, which uses modern technology to produce high-quality products. Initially, the Xenon intends to have 50 per cent local content, so that customers can be sure that inexpensive spare parts would be readily available.

 The TL and Xenon is available in Single and Double cab versions and a host of accessories are already being made available and also other versions of the tata TL and xenon for commercial applications includes  dumper models and other chassis configurations.

Tata Winger and Magic

The Winger van is front-wheel-driven, with the engine mounted longitudinally for excellent access and traction, and connected to a tough five-speed transaxle of Renault design. The Winger's suspension (MacPherson strut up front; a beam axle with parabolic leaf springs at the rear) ensures ride comfort, good handling and load carrying capacity, while the vehicle's monocoque design minimises noise, vibration and harshness. it is perfect mainly as V-hire, tours and as office staff service.

The Winger is powered by a modified version of the 2.0 litre diesel engine that is currently offered on tata's SUV the Tata Sumo. This 1948 cc engine comes with a turbo-charged, inter-cooled (TCIC) version in all the variants, except in the smaller length, entry-level Winger van. The non-turbo-charged version of the engine develops a peak power of 68 PS (50 kW) compared to the 90 PS (66 kW) that the TCIC version puts out. The Winger meets Bharat Stage III(Indian exhaust emissions standard) emission standards, except for the base variant

the magic meanwhile is similar to specifications to kei vans from japan and is perfect for small haul, inter city, and within city driving purposes, the magic is also perfect for small routes inside bacolod city such as airport, magsungay, city heights-central market.

according to Tata, the Magic and Winger, are expected to cater to the two ends of the transport segment. "The Winger, which is more spacious and a more refined product in terms of ride and handling and better seating comfort, will attempt to wrestle market share in the Staff (ITES/ BPO employees) transportation segments, Hotel & Inter-urban Tourist segments, Airport drop & pickup etc, while Magic will provide a more affordable travel in intra city, inter-village transportation and will create its own niche in the rural transportation

Tata venture

Based on the Tata Winger platform and measuring 154 inches long, the Venture is powered by the 69-horsepower 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine from tata's small car the  Indica, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Aimed at such local competitors as the Maruti Eeco, it will be available in five-, six-, seven- and eight-seat configurations.

Among the features on the showcar are sliding side doors, dual heating and air-conditioning, a reverse parking aid and keyless entry.

Tata Trucks and light-medium commercial Platforms

tata trucks are priced just in the middle of the surplus truck market areas, meaning they are cheaper than brand new japanese makes and are competitive enough to go head on with surplus japanese trucks,  although they are is a slight difference of 100K to 200K pesos from surplus japanese trucks and chinese trucks being sold here. most of  Tata's trucks are powered by Cummins engines and their very own indigenous diesel engines. their lineup includes

Tata SFC

SFC 407EX - 2 Ton Truck

Tata 497 SP four-cylinder in-line direct-injection turbo diesel
Capacity: 2956 cc
Power: 55.2 kW at 2800 r/min
Torque: 225 Nm at 1800 r/min
GVM: 4900 Kg

One of the best 2 tonners with loading capacity up to 2400 kg in India and its markets. The tough and durable chassis is easy to maintain. Features include, power steering, synchromesh gears for easy driving. The turbo creates a flat torque curve with reduced gearshifts and fuel consumption.

SK 709EX - 3 Ton Tipper

Tata 497 SP Turbo four cylinder in-line, water cooled, direct injection diesel engine
Capacity: 3783 cc
Power: 67.5 kW at 2400 r/min
Torque: 325 Nm at 1300 to 1600 r/min
GVM: 6600 Kg

Features include heavy duty forged I beam, reverse Elliot-type front axle,Integral hydraulic power assisted steering, Dual circuit full air S-cam brakes and an all steel full forward control driver’s cab with tilting arrangement and torsion bar assistance

Tata LPT

LPT 713 - 4 Ton Truck

Tata 697 NA six cylinder in-line direct injection diesel
Capacity: 5675 cc
Power: 95.7 kW at 2800 r/min
Torque: 363 Nm at 1800 r/min

GVM: 7700 Kg
Features inclue a tough, durable chassis, Large 5.7 litre engine, Power steering
Synchromesh gears, with S-cam air brakes and exhaust brake and Engine monitoring system for abuse control Payload capacity up to 4000 kg

LPT 709EX - 3 Ton Truck
Tata 497 Euro 1 four cylinder in-line direct injection turbo diesel
Capacity: 3783 cc
Power: 67.5 kW at 2400 r/min
Torque: 325 Nm at 1300 to 1800 r/min

Features inclue a tough, durable chassis, Power steering
Synchromesh gears, with S-cam air brakes and exhaust brake and Engine monitoring system for abuse control.


LPTA 713 – 4X4 Truck

Cummins 6BT six cylinder in-line direct-injection intercooled turbo diesel
Capacity: 5883 cc
Power: 89 kW at 2500 r/min
Torque: 400 Nm at 1500 r/min

GVM: 7650 Kg
Designed for the worst roads and tough bush conditions the LPTA has of Payload up to 3300 kg it has a Robust, tough and durable chassis, other standard features includes Power steering, Synchromesh gears for easy driving, Ample torque for arduous off road conditions and an engine monitoring system.

Tata heavy trucks

Tata has been a veteran in the Indian heavy truck market and has been ranked as one of the region's top most manufacturer of heavy trucks, Tata heavy trucks are also powered by Cummins and Tata Diesel engines. here are some lineup of Tata heavy trucks

Tata LPT 7T- 8T

LPT 1518- 8 Ton Truck

Cummins 6B 180 20 Euro 2 six cylinder in-line direct injection intercooled turbo diesel
Capacity: 5883 cc
Power: 132 kW at 2500 r/min
Torque: 650 Nm at 1500 r/min
GVM: 14900 Kg

The most popular vehicle in it’s class with a proven track record within the industry. Available configurations include flatbed, dropside, tipper, enclosed panel van and/or curtain van, water and diesel tanker, rollback or breakdown. It’s also very popular in skipwaste and honey sucker conversions. It’s strong, reliable and hassle free.

Tata S series 

SE 1613
Cummins 6B 180 20 Euro 2 six cylinder in-line direct injection intercooled turbo diesel
Capacity: 5883 cc

Type Water cooled, Turbo charged diesel engine
No. of Cylinders 6 inline
Bore/Stroke 102mm x 120 mm
Capacity 5883 cc
Max. Engine Output 93.5 kw ( 125.3 HP) at 2500 rpm
Max. Torque 410 Nm (41.8 mkg) at 1400-1700 rpm

SAK 1212

SAK 1212
Engine Type: CUMMINS 6BT5.9
Displacement: 5883cc
Maximum Power: 119 Bhp @ 2500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 400 Nm @ 1400 rpm

the SAK 1212 is similar to SE and older S series of Tata trucks, which was modeled after Mercedes S series of trucks which is said to have been jointly manufactured in India during the early days of tata's truck manufacturing, the S series of trucks are very popular in India and some ASean west bloc countries such as malaysia.

4.5 M2 capacity, 4-wheel drive Tipper for working in hilly/mountainous terrain.

Features include , 4X4 wheel drive, tight turning circle diameter of 17.6 m.Optional accessories include a Blackout system, rear towing hook,Other Features include Adjustable headlamps,and a new generation instrument panel for better readability.

Tata Novus

Tata Novus is the Tata Motors' first new offering from its acquisition of Daewoo's truck manufacturing unit. Tata Novus is based on the Daewoo Novus truck available in South Korea. It was launched in December 2005. Tata Motors became the first Indianmanufacturer to introduce 300 horsepower (220 kW) heavy commercial vehicles.

Tata Novus is powered by a Cummins C8.3-300 engine that’s Bharat Stage III compliant. It comes with a fully synchronised gear box with 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

Tata Defence

For those AFP officers and personnel visiting this site did you know Since 1958, TATA Motors has proudly provided over 100,000 vehicles to military and paramilitary forces of various countries around the world.

tata defence offers militarized versions of all its commercial vehicle lineup and some numerous vehicles mostly in light defense and logistics it includes military spec pickups, ambulances, armored cars, engineering vehicles and armored trucks. 

some of their products aimed for the defense market includes:

Tata armored jeeps

Tata armored car

Tata LSV

Tata mine protected vehicle

Tata hmtv
well, I hope that these opens up your mind on what other countries can offer to the new aquino government, and somehow you may have an interest of having a Tata pickup and other tata vehicles as an alternative between surplus japanese vehicles and many say brand new "not-so reliable" chinese vehicles..


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