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Mary Joy Mayo; the bolster of innocence

To express my sympathy to the late Mary Joy Mayo of BSED-1A this memorial being conducted to the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow delivering a wreath of flowers, this ceremony is also what the late young helpless CHMSC girl deserves.. 

I express my sympathies to the family and relatives of the late Mary Joy Mayo, Today, July 2, 2010 is 4th death anniversary of an innocent and very friendly and academically good performing CHMSC Girl who never had fulfilled half of her college life or even had a very good college experience halfway.

to you otakus who don't know mary joy mayo, here's a brief story of her and the injustice that happened to a young and very deserving academic girl, fresh graduate from high school from capiz panay.

Mayo, a native of Cuartero, Capiz is a first year student at Carlos Hilado Memorial State College taking up Bachelor of Science in Education major in Mathematics.

It appeared that Mayo was on her way back home for lunch at about 10 a.m. Monday, when two unidentified suspects reportedly waylaid her to a nearby sugarcane field and later committed the brutal crime against her.

according to some sources she was found brutally murdered in a lone cane field in the outskirts of Talisay City, Negros Occidental, , she was discovered lying dead, half-naked with gun shot and stabbed wounds in the different parts of her body, her blouse opened and her underwear and blue slacks tied to her legs and feet.

the post-mortem examination conducted by City Health Officer Jesus Buyco on the victim's body showed that the she died from gunshot wounds in the right chest and right leg. it was positive that the victim was raped by still unidentified suspects after several hymenal lacerations were discovered in her genitals, results of post-mortem examination showed.

seven construction workers of Fatima Heights Subdivision also in Hacienda Cabanbanan were also brought to the police station for interrogation, followed by a paraffin test.

This as initial police investigation also revealed that the seven workers whose name could not be divulged by probers, yet, reportedly used to tease the victim every time she passed by the construction site on her way home.

as of now, the case has been  closed as the criminal, a 70 yr old man who said is the mastermind and the one instructed his fellow conspirators to do such inhumane act, has been apprehended, tried and sentenced to reclusion perpetua and lifetime imprisonment.

its better yet we just appreciate the beauty of state college schoolgirls in a very different angle and manner, and not thru this inhumane act which we lose young valuable lives, I hope this becomes a lesson to pedophiles around talisay city and negros

To the soul of Mary Joy Mayo, may you find eternal peace and rest 

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