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Kirari - danny choo

hmm.. tired of  the wonder girls and kpop.. here's tokyo girls style and their music video..

A lot of Jpop fans are already getting interested with these girls and their music, these girls has been in the industry for quite a long time now and their music is now getting popular around the net and among otakus locally and internationally..

The girls of tokyo girls style are Ayano, Miyu, Hitomi, Yuri and Mei with  Miyu as  Lead vocals

Ayano Konishi (小西彩乃)
Miyu Yamabe (山邊未夢) (group leader)
Hitomi Arai (新井ひとみ)
Yuri Nakae (中江友梨)
Mei Shyoji (庄司芽生)

currently Tokyo Girls Style are under Avex label and a remix version of the orginal song Kirari is made by the popular japanese dj Kevin. 

Another one that catches most attention as always.. Kawaiiness; it never fails to mesmerize even a gruffy old  bacolod senior citizen.. 
what will really get your attentioon is how young do they look, but the girls would like to disclose their ages for the time being.. but they look so young that most of them are high schoolers...

the funky beats of their music are quite good to get around to and can complement a good music for your music collection and good to play for road trippers from illongo jeepneys,  to some bacolodnon jpop fanatics kei pickup, a japanese otaku's toyota kei car,  to a russian otaku's Lada Samara...

here's a video they have...

Kirari Original Version MV Kirari Remix version by DJ Kevin

to all the high school girls visiting the site here's a new standard of clothing you might be interested  to ramp in the streets of bacolod.. you better try their style out..
If you can't remember their name here they are again..

you can visit the girl's site@
or you can see more videos and posts in danny choo's post here

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