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ouch!! the krissy presidency???

To all my comrades out there! Be vigilant like comrade Jela is looking at you..! she is now showing her military side..  it seems our government is going to have a loophole with Chang Kris around the corner...

Will Kris Aquino really not budge around politics?? hmm.. I feel a little bit fishy about something she just  pouted from her mouth just 4 hours ago from the ABS CBN program "the correspondents"

"I will help in the education" that's what came from the mouth of the ever controversial and notorious little sister of president-elect Noynoy Aquino, Kris, she seems to be very enthusiastic of it..  and the pic above which I saw from browsing from many sources seem to be happening.. is kris breaking her little-ittty-bitty promise she made in the campaign period that she will not go about and flirting around with politics??

Ahy Terai... it seems Kris just wouldn't heed Senator Miriam's advice..

Eons ago; Senator Miriam advised Kris;
A excerpt from;
"MANILA, Philippines - Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago has advised actress-TV host Kris Aquino to stay away from the political limelight and to reject any government position after her brother, Sen. Benigno Aquino III, becomes president.

It would be better if Kris does not hold any formal government position and just remain a loyal supporter, she added.

However, the final decision would depend on Aquino and his sister, she said."

well to seem senator Miriam Santiago has advised kris to stay out of politics and it seems to be very thin as to it seems the words that came out of her mouth just an hour ago she is "helping in education.." Is she really keeping her promise to stay away from politics??

I don't know what will happen yet but its up to President Aquino to do the decision making, for me its better for Kris to stay out of politics and just do some work like helping out in her parent's foundation would be better and that she never pulls a few cash out from the people's money.. but the word that came out from her mouth seem provocative..

well something for you guys I just digged out from a site and remeber something if Krissy will be fooling around in the next 100 days of President Noynoy and serves as a wake up call to be vigilant and a warning to all ;

"She’s too stubborn to accept that her just being herself could bring about her own downfall. Unfortunately, she might even contribute to her brother’s downfall."

Something for kris Aquino...

                                                           God is watching you and me ate Kris..

anyways some funny tidbits :)

A warning to Kris Aquino...


W A R - I S - P E A C E

F R E E D O M - I S - S L A V E R Y

I G N O R A N C E - I S - S T R E N G T H

OBEY... Haruhi is watching...

Be Wary, be Vigilant Comrades..