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about ekseks and of illongo girlies..- the young illonga of the late 90's

Globalization and International trends in tween, teen and young female fashion and lifestyle has penetrated the Filipino culture and especially young girls of these days..

Hello again comrades! sorry for such radio silence for a while; having some problems for awhile and my CPU had some minor setbacks in my hardware, well that does'nt stop me from being one of your sources about bacolod city and many other topics that also gets the attention of illongos

i'll be on training for a couple weeks and preparing for a more possibly greener pastures.. just a sample of one of the modules in the training

well anyways back to the topic most of the old people and older comrades around town are kind of getting bizarre about this..

young girls born in the late 90's here in bacolod are mostly having acute identity crisis and over speeding maturity rate as to well no one can guess..  today some young illongas even at the age of 10 can't wait to try on a regular bra and slip in some bit of shades of professional makeup, wear short skirts and short jeans and even pushers at a very young age.. 

I can span more about this;  thru a simple epitone of the 3 Marias..

Maria Clara

The epitome of a real Filipina and her true self, this is what our old peoples, especially our older babushkas are like during their hey days, sweet young, naive, and subtle, and hard to get..

 Maria Socorro

meet the girls of the golden years of the country, although she is with the trend of the culture she still has a heart of a real filipina.. during her time she is always in turmoil, also the country was in the bondage of a dictator in the 70's she weeps for the loss of her family, friends and the grief of dictatorship, Socorro means weeping and or asking for help, praying for change in the country.. during her time she smiles but her heart weeps..

Maria Theresa

meet the filipinas of the late 90's the Maria Theresas.. slowly losing their true filipina identity they can be seen around town collecting all the boys she wants goes around in her short skirts, skinny jeans, quirky clothes and designer bras in racerback, halter, asymmetrical and even unstrapped modes.., armed with the latest gadgets and sometimes can be seen late night in some gig places around town.. she can have so many personalities that one can imagine, aloof, snabby, maldita and concieted she is also known as an ekek, engeng, poker face and the illongo slang biga-un(b-gah-on)
with so many tendencies, secrets, and crisis in their life due to the turmoil of the country and the people itself this young little girls are losing slowly the true spirit of a true Filipina..
maria theresa can be a jeje girl if she decides this identity..
so to our comrades out there reading my page lets help out illongas be a true filipina by heart, even though there is change, lets be nationalistic, be one of the motherland, and be a maria clara, in the heart..

i'll be posting a more detailed life of a modern young illonga and what she has differed from her lolas, the marias of yesteryear..

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