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Project Diva 2

for you illongo hatsune miku fans out there; better yet check out this new version of Project Diva, as most of us know, there is an older version of project diva, featuring only  miku, len and rin, and has some crude CG imagery, the new PD2 by Sega  has more sets of characters and more real-life effects!

playing the game is simple; in which you tap the О,Δ,X, and ロbuttons on the PSP to match the notes that come onto the screen.

The 2nd game is most likely going to follow the same gameplay and controls as the first game. The first game contained CGs, costumes, and a variety of Miku's most popular songs. Also accessible was Miku's room, which you could decorate with furniture. Another feature would be the song editor. You can take songs, and plug them onto the memory stick, and create your own stages, and alternatively, download from other people online.

here's a video of the game...

it will be released internationally maybe in the middle of the year but the game is now available in japan.
for those who can buy a copy of the game its to be sold on and sega japan online stores

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