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Its enrollment again..

Ate comes around with her young sis as she enrolls

Just been around latley and saw that my alma mater NOHS started its enrollment for school year 2010-2011 and as early as 6:59 in the morning a number of students has started to arrive in front of  the main gate of my beloved school, NOHS or Negros Occidental High School is one of Bacolod's oldest secondary institution founded in 1901 right after the amricans arrived in the philippines, it survived many ravages and trials and has now stood to stand the test of time and education...

well some enrollment criterias included was posted in a piece of manila paper in the side of the entrance that there is no enrollment fee to be collected, and that they must report for enrollment in their seifukus and boys have to properly have a haircut. other criterias were that the school will accept transferees from other high schools in town making sure he/she does not have a grade average of  below 75 in their subjects..

well I hope you guys from japan see more about high school life here in Bacolod.. 

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