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Japanese Product Packaging - danny choo

Its really cute to see such packaging from japan, in order to get the attentions of otakus, such packagings are flashy and extravagant, mostly having essences of moe-ism and kawaiiness and sometimes it has given me such an opinion well danny this time posts more about his surplus stuffs as he takes out his surplus loots; packagings!

well in japan, having small houses so many packages and packagings around your dacha will consume a lot space and may also be an eyesore, thats why there are times in their so-called spring cleaning time you can free up the house of such clutter and unwanted things the worst though, some glossy and catchy packages even we pinoys won't mind to collect is also taken out!

well for japanese people it means a lot to do such chores during their "recycling day", where each day for a week a particular kind of trash is bought out from the houses, meaning for that day only one kind of trash
must be taken by the collectors E.G. Monday - cardboard, Tuesday - aluminum so, on..

well you can read more of danny's opinion here.

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