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Lokomoskayner- advanced strategic lift thermoplane airship

Partly I would like to call it the "Russian flying saucer.."
We illongo otakus must never be left behind about new technologies from abroad, here's something that might blow up your sci-fi imagination, the Locomoskyner CAA Thermoplane Airship, affectionately I call it the "russian flying saucer"
Since 2007, a design has been in operation from a company called Lokomosky design Bureau in Ulyanovsk Region in russia has been designing and testing a prototype thermoplane, which can later be according to some experts become an innovation in aviation,  

The Locomoskyner airship takes to the air with nothing more than helium, but will also have special outfitted hot air cells to regulate its buoyancy. Propulsion of the craft is provided by several electric motors, and small wings on the periphery of its disc-shaped hull give the vehicle extra lift in flight. The aircrafts unusual shape, which strikingly resembles an unidentified flying object (UFO) also gives it extra stability, and ability to resist wind currents to hover for extended periods above targets on the ground. Varying models of the Locomoskayners are expected to be used for the transportation of people and cargo, as well as surveillance and monitoring. The largest version in the works will be able to airlift 600 tons.

The Chief Designers of Lokomoskayner strategic lift craft.

The five-year project is based in the city of Ulyanovsk, some 900 km east from Moscow. The projects developer, LocomoSky, plans to generate $90 million worth of investment.
One of the many application of Lokomoskayner CAA/PCAA lift crafts

this large version is designated as an Cargo(CAA) / Passenger-and-cargo aerostatic aircraft (PCAA). it is intended for offsize cargoes, evacuation of disaster striken areas, oil rig, and smaller versions can be a potential UAV craft. 
Prime Minister Putin Reading the technical specifications while a senior official keenly inspects a model of the CAA Thermoplane while others look on.

Even the current president of Russia, president Medevev , Prime Minister Putin and the governor of Ulyanovsk, has seen interest on this project and has approved funding for the Lokomsky CAA, seeing its according to a press statement; 

The President of Russia found the work on development of "Locomoskyners"-based air transport system important, and said: "The figures, announced towards this "saucer" (dirigible), extremely impressive - these are thousands million of dollars, all in all, it's a cost of good cargo planes. But it does not mean, that this direction should be neglected. In this very context I support what you say. This is an innovation, if to be honest, but they are already significant".

Speaking on a practical aspect, the Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov propounded an idea of the transport dirigibles innovation park development in Russia. The idea was supported by the President. Dmitry Medvedev signed the corresponding Order for the Russian Government.

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