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K-ON! Live action series -danny choo

Well it seems like we going to see some more very interesting things about japanese anime.. danny choo and together with tokyomx is having a pet project which may somehow will get even our attention here.. for those illongo otakus who are avid fans of K-ON! you must not miss this..

This show is scheduled to be aired on June 12, mainly the start of classes here, the show is most likely a live series version of the recently concluded season 1, much to saying the school that the location will be shot at is maybe not the original school which was based upon.

Danny and Ritsu??

seen here danny and a ritsu or mio actor is helping out cleaning the set, eagerly teasing more fans of danny and k-on, this may well become a hit in tokyo and japan..

Its Mio!! gotta watch this live action series..

the show will be aired on June 12,  prior  to our independence day here, wish some guys and comrades out there in tokyo have DV-r's ready and post this on youtube!

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