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Girl Cadet Training School in Russia

I've never ever underestimate this country since i've known her since high school my hunch was true... her girls are really kick ass!

It is Moscow's Female Cadet Boarding School No. 9. Since its opening in 2004, the school’s aim is to bring back cadet education abandoned in Soviet times. I would like to bring this topic back to my fellow illongo otakus so that we can know more about some other countries we used to be strangers with.. 

RT is true! this school has been opene since 2004, I was a freshmen college then and this school was re-opened, its really very interesting

if we have CAT and ROTC here in the Philippines, we don't have specialist schools like these aimed in forming not only civil and technical skills but also military based skills, the school

classes are not just limited to military practices. also in the school girls learn languages, law, history of art, as well as life skills like sewing and cooking. In addition, a medical education is an important part of the school's program. The girls spend at least four hours a month in a class learning all types of first aid, including how to stop bleeding, applying bandages and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. all of the students here are girls. Most of them are allowed to go home only for the weekends.

Another interesting part of the school's curriculum is the military science portion, girls are taught on assembly and disassembly of Kalashnikov rifles of all types and models, basic military training and military discipline, types of rifles, and their is also said lessons in armored vehicles and tanks and basic artillery...

A girl learns to shoot a makarov.. nice
2 girls training to aim with a tokarev and a makarov

girls learn to reload using an ammunition clip.

wow this girls also do parades... 

their is also the school's museum is dedicated to some of the most influential women in Russian history, from Empress Anna of Russia, who established the cadet movement in the 18th century, to Valentina Tereshkova – the first woman in space. Everything in the confines of the school is aimed at developing well rounded characters of girls.

well anyways, here's some pictures of daily life in this institution, its still like a usual school but I see it that girls in this school are more disciplined than other girls in other schools

 Well I hope this gets you a sneak look  at some unique things from this country, hope my fellow illongo otakus and fellow otakus around the world see more about this things... this are just some things that makes me admire this country...


miss dhayv said...

nice find comrade! wen ka liwat ma visit d sa Talisay?? uyy ka cute sang mga white ribbon nila sa hair! wat u call that??

Dante said...

Inside Russia things looks different =)