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Update on Pirated! - a cosplay event by hitsuzen inc.

This is a post regarding to the said event on may 16 by the Cosplay society here in Bacolod Hitsuzen Inc. for their event to be held in bredco port, too bad i'm not around but I will try to find pics after the event, for reposting so that the international otaku community to see. Anyways here's the announcement;

Attention Participants!

- On May 16 is the agreed date of the event. the schedule cannot be changed. Please have your schedules ready.

- With regards to the costume, we might be checking them prior to the photoshoot.

- The first part of the shoot will be venued at BREDCO...probably  2-3pm on May 16.

- The second part of the shoot will some kind of wacky  plus exhibition...will be venued at Caribbean. Entrance fee is 100 per head.

- all participants, will contribute just for the nipa hut worth 300-400 pesos.

 - Bring food so you will have your own. And you can bring your own photographers.

from Cuatro Espada of Hitsuzen Inc.

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