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Moment of truth!!??

well today May 10th, 2010 is history in the making.. is Philippines really gonna change??, in the following weeks..  hmm lets see.. well, i'll be off casting my vote for the presidency down to local officials, well lets see if the so-called secure pcos machines of comelec backfires.. X) well anyways to all the people, choose wisely, the progress of our country and the future of ourselves is in our hands.. 

PCOS machines will just what they are prgrammed but do your best to secure your votes and change the course of our country's history..

well as an eye opener for you guys and our local otakus and my comrades i'll let you peek on the cities of our asean neighbors and see what they are now compared to us;

here's a visual comprisson of our asean neighbor's armed forces.. (sorry for the guys in hope your not pissed off im kind of balimbing, but im just to make you realize were really kulelat..its not slap on the face of users if u feel its really a slap in the face after watching the pics; then ur a sore loser in the cyber wars)

Indonesia's armed forces
A Indonesian Mi-24D "Hind-D" in front of the a hulk of  Indonesian army's(TNI-AD) amphibious forces
Indonesian airforce's (TNI-AU) F-16 Bloc2 Multirole attack aircraft

Indonesian air force's(TNI-AU) newly acquired SU-30MKK's from Russia 
An Indonesian MI-24 Hind Attack-transport helicopter

an indonesian version of the BM-21 rocket launcher

Russian BTR-80 APC the "simba" of the indonesian marines

Malaysia's armed forces

Malaysian Army Land vehicles

Malaysian Air force super puma

Malaysian Air force Mig-29 

malaysian female pilot of MIG-29

Malaysian F-18 Block 1

malaysian SU-30MKK

Fighting vessels of the Malaysian navy 

the Vietnam's people's  armed forces

oh di ba?? inggit kayo?? then pili-in ninyo ang mga lider ng bansa na kaya ibigay ito sa atin...

well if you really want to be this developed and this deterrent capable.. PLS CHOOSE THE RIGHT LEADERS WISELY THIS MONDAY, this will gage us if we are capable of what we would become or kahit sana ma-abot natin sila..

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