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Mirai Gaia Platform - future of blogging and ecommerce

Good Smile's Site runs on Danny's Mirai Gaia Platform

Mirai Gaia is a multilingual publishing x CGM x e-commerce platform that Danny Choo licenses to corporations in Japan.,  currently Danny is planning to extend its licensing availability to some countries and has already started  to get attention on some countries here on the ASEAN region, currently the companies using the platform as I have visited is, japantimes, nihongonotes, good smile, and Danny's and affilited sites, and otacool 

Danny developed mirai gaia after his career as a CGM design team in Microsoft in Japan where he worked for almost years, Mirai Gaia's aim is mostly the simplicity of media and harmony of ecommerce and browsing, most sites using mirai gaia are simple to use and interface are very easy to understand, 

interface and design harmony and simplicity are the few key elements of the mirai gaia platform, pages look awesomely blended and does not look very complicated, 

blog and posting are not a problem and very easy to maintain and organize several apps and tools have been included for posting especially embedding of videos from youtube and niconico douga are some of the standard features, multilingual tools are included for shift translation from English to Japanese but if might possible in the near future Danny may add additional languages to the mirai platform,

Posting an article via

Image uploading tool

Shooping cart via

integration of an ordering account in a account is another new feature which I have seen, you can place product orders directly from the site and process it to and fro from the company's server without any 3rd party site to tag along to.

Nihongo notes

Cospasea; first asean site running in singapore using mirai gaia platform

Danny introduces the Mirai Gaia platform mostly thru meetups and several few occasions which otakus and IT experts meet to some manner, he can do some working phase and have it licensed to interested individuals and organizations some of the websites i've posted so far are the one's running the Mirai Gaia Platform.

Better yet I hope comrade danny gets to license his platform here in the philippines this will really change the way we filipinos look at cyberspace..

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