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the canter FE series arrives to the philippines..

The all new and latest model of the Fuso canter, called the FE series now is available in the filipino truck market

Just this April 28, 2010, Daimler trucks Asia division, Fuso gave a go signal to start producing the latest 7th generation Canter FE series in the Philippines giving fuso a more powerful griphold on the light truck market as the new model is introduced to Mitsubishi dealers nationwide, actually the FE model is already been on production since 2007 in mitsubishi assemblies outside philippines, the bad thing is that the FE arrived at a really bad timing in the country, where the 5th and 6th generation canters are still the ones being used and sold by surplus truck dealers.

The preceded model produced for almost 7 years has now been given a makeover..

The new canter FE has more aggressive looks and more aerodynamic design than the previous model being built here.

Originally, the Japanese canters are installed with more advanced Common rail fuel injection equipped engines such as the 4M50, 4M40 and 4M42 this engines are equipped with advanced technologies including EGR and Diesel Particulate filter.

The 4M50 is the engine orginally intended for international and japnese markets, but due to some aspects of the country's situation, the 4D34 is now the one selected to be installed in philippine made Canter FE's

The all-new Fuso Canter is powered by turbocharged intercooled 4D34-2AT5 diesel engine for the FE71 and FE83 while the FE85 is powered by 4D34-2AT4 diesel engine. The engines for the FE71 and FE83 models are able to produce a maximum power of 108hp/2,900rpm and maximum torque of 275 N-m/1,600rpm. FE85’s maximum power is 134hp/2,900rpm and maximum torque of 370 N-m/1,600rpm.

but for Philippine and ASEAN  market mitsubishi will impose only euro-2 regulations, the 4D34 with its Euro-2 compliant design will be the one powering the 2010 Canter FE.

In addition to this, the all new Fuso Canter’s cab space ranks among the leaders in its class in providing driver and passenger comfort. It was designed with the driver’s perspective in mind and likewise the reliability, functionality, efficiency, safety and comfort of this workhorse, therefore providing features that made it the ideal truck. Switches and levers are ergonomically arranged to provide driver with easy access and operation. Frequently used functions are integrated in one multifunction switch lever.

The latest modification for most canters are the new in-dash shift lever which is already available in Japanese canters since 2008. the in-dash shift gives more legroom and a more spacious cab.
The unique design of the canter is the introduction of the in-dash shift lever, most bacolod drivers said this was only available in hyundai vehicles such as the grand starex,

Its cab doors swing out to a wide 950mm creating sufficient space for easy ingress/egress of both driver and passengers. Also, the all-new Canter is now powered by new Euro 2 engines which are powerful yet fuel efficient and compliant to government emission regulations. On top of these features, the Fuso Canter is also simple and easy to maintain. Door handles, steps and maintenance points are protected from the effects of dirt. The exhaust brake increases the brake power, reduces the brake pads and discs wear and cost per kilometer. Resistant materials, sturdy seat covers and floor covering increases the durability and longevity of the vehicle components. A tough worker with smooth riding summarizes these features.

The all-new Fuso Canter is available at all authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealers nationwide.
Suggested retail price:

FE71 4-wheeler is P1,120,000;

FE83 6-wheeler is P1,255,000 and  FE85 6-wheeler is P1,355,000.

Surplus trucks

As of lately in Bacolod City there is only a few surplus dealers selling surplus models of the FE series, the confirmed one selling is Tough Trucks located in Magsaysay avenue in bacolod, there are already 2 surplus FE canters running the roads of bacolod. here are a few pics of FE canters I got from a year ago,  coming from sites of surplus dealers all over japan.  these shows to prove that there is a large number of FE canters that are already ready to be shipped to developing countries like us.

comrades, I hope you can see more of the canter FE will start to replace and dominate our roads in Negros not only as commercial trucks but also as a new platform for inter-municipal jeeps and midi jeeps..

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