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firearms review; blackwater BW15 rifle

Its unknown to many Bacolod airsoft and firearms enthusiasts that the  company blackwater international in the US have created a so-called "universal carbine". blackwater international is one of the world's biggest security company mostly having being contracted by the US department of defense and other similar agencies in the united states. what's really got into my mind this company has already built custom-made defense products  specifically for their usage and for interested organizations. one is a custom made armored personnel carrier called the grizzly based on an international truck.

Meet the BW-15 carbine

as quoted from an arms technician of blackwater via firearms blog:

Lee, a Blackwater armorer,

1.Yes we do offer the BW15 in more than just 5.56mm. As of now we are making them in 6.8mm and 7.62×39mm as well. The BW15 lower receivers are stamped Multi-cal.

2.We are using out own receivers and each weapon is a matched upper and Lower receiver. All of the serial numbers begin BW.

3. As far the weapons shooting MOA, we use only the best barrels and the Armorer that builds the weapons also test fires it. I do believe that if we say that it will shoot MOA it will. But on the other hand what if the customer can’t shoot that well. Are we to take the weapon back? In case you did not know, everyone is an expert when to shooting.

4. Barrel lengths start at 16″. You can request a 14.5 with a pinned and permanently affixed flash hider to make total length overall 16″. We can have a custom barrel made to your specs (will take extra time POR). However if a customer wants a 18″- 26″ barrel we can accommodate.

5. All weapons have standard anodized finish. We are not doing any coatings at this time.

6. All weapons are shipped with 2 Magpul 30 round magazines and a lock.

Blackwater's rifle is derived from the very popular M4 carbine used by the US armed forces especially the US Marines. the reciver and main body is similar to the M4 but the butt stock and trigger handle are similar to the magpul  rifles. the company has also given this rifles a capability to be produced in regional basis. meaning its Receiver is stamped Multi cal, and blackwater are currently building the rifles in 5.56mm, 6.8spc and 7.62x39.the BW 15 can be armed with munitions depending on the customer's area whether he is from middle east which most rifles use 7.62mm bullets in non-NATO or 5mm in most NATO countries. a large list of accessories and options have been offered by blackwater.

The Basic rifle costs at about  $1100(P49,527.28) comes with a matched upper and lower receiver (flattop)
16 inch chrome lined M-4 cut barrel with standard handguard’s
4 to 6 position collapsible stock and a detachable carry handle.

other options include:
  •  M68 AimPoint Throw Lever 
  •  Low, Medium, High Rings 
  •  Foregrip 
  •  Bipod Adapter 
  •  Flip up rear sight 
  •  Flip up rear sight 
  • l SP Flip up rear sight 
  •  M-CV S-I-R Rail 
  • Carbine Two Pc Handguard 
  • Rifle length 2 Pc Handguard 
  • Carbine Free Float L+S 
  • Rifle length free float L+S 
  • Flip up front sight 
  • Gas block mounted front sight 
  • Single rail gas block 
  • Low profile gas block 
  • Phantom comp/flash 
  • Bipod Adaptor 
  • Foregrip, pistol 
  • Foregrip smooth 
  • Flip-up front sight 
  • Flip-up front sight with set screw 
  • Rail Mounted front sight 
  • Flip up rear sight 
  • Gen III freefloat forearm 
Daniel Defense
  • Carbine Omega rail 
  • Rifle Omega rail 
  • Flip up rear battle sight 
  • Single point sling attachment
  • Suregrip 
  • Rigid 
  • TangoDown rifle grip 
  • TangoDown vertical battlegrip 
  • TangoDown Shorty Vertical 
  • Magpul PRS 
  • Magpul MIAD full grip kit 
  • Magpul CRT (milspec) 
  • Magpul CRT (commercial) 
  • Magpul MOE (milspec)
  • Magpul MOE (commercial) 
  • Vltor Modstock 
  • Harris Bipod 1A2-BRM
  • Harris Bipod S-BRM 
  • Rock River 2-stage trigger
Well, i'm hoping to see an airsoft version of this rifle maybe next year..

one gun enthusiast quoted;
This is a great rifle system as is. There are thousands if not millions of combinations of modular parts available for America's favorite rifle. It seems that every gun mfgr. out there is into this one as well as the 1911 styled pistols. It's gone way beyond ridiculous already. I love the availability of parts, and some parts are better than others, but much of this is personal preferences...

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