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Misao in Lucky Star seems to be portrayed as a "yaeba" or snaggletooth girl

Yaeba is a Japanese term for crooked or misaligned teeth, in country that dentistry seems to be a big issue, having a crooked teeth is a sign of cuteness, according to tvtropes; Asian people inherit a physical trait known traditionally as "Tiger Teeth", a genetic quirk that results in elongated eye teeth. This is particularly common in Japan (due to a common genetic quirk), where they're known as "yaeba", and typically considered cute.

for anime, the yaeba also means the character is of a mischievous type, according to tvtropes; the character sports enlarged canine teeth. For maximum cuteness, at least one fang will be visible at all times, even when the character's mouth is closed. This seems to indicate, generally, a character who is mischevious, slightly hostile, or a trickster — without actually being a bad guy. characters known to have the yaeba are kuroi-sensei, misao, and tsuruya

I don't know what's with the japanese why they consider this deformation a sign of cuteness,  for me its just another sign of genetic defect, but its up to the people to know this....

for more info on what the japanese consider this, check some posts here by gaijin bloggers in japan

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