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is facebook really ready to accept layouts??

Still the same, if you view other user's profile the same background will appear on the 

well as of today many bloggers and sites are promising personal customization of a facebook profiles but I really "I mean personal preference"; which means in any browser a user like me views another user's profile its loaded as what kind of layout  he or she prefers and my layout does not show up in other's profile page, friendster and myspace has perfected this thru css and html codes, but because facebook has a cautious copyright of its system structure and html coding, not allowing 3rd parties to edit facebook html structures,

the so-called layout which is offered by some sites requires a plugin to be installed in your browser this plugin redirects some html properties to some server sites, which masks the original facebook image, all original facebook sources are masked by data sent by the plug-in's servers,

this can be still considered as a form of content control that is not under the control of facebook, we hope someday real themes and layouts are available in facebook.

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