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some places where they hangout...

one of the most favorite restos in Bacolod, Cafe Bobs

here are some place which are popular among bacolod city's elite and mid classes, this restaurants and shops has been also a place to meet with younger generations, wonder where this places are? its mostly located at Lacson street, one of Bacolod's busiest street, other establishments are located at goldenfields commercial area going south of the city.

21 restobar is located in 21st lacson street, its cuisine ranges from international to local dishes, but sometime the food is pricey.

MO2 in Goldenfields commercial complex is a hotspot for younger generations usually its jampacked every night and its  videoke are always fully booked.

right! also bacolod city has a starbucks cafe now, some bacolodnons still see this place as a luxury as to some of the city's elite, its a kind of regular coffe shop

well somehow some people cannot afford coming to this places, but for me its just very nice we have establishments like these in the city which helps the tourism of the city both locally and internationally. 

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