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Smartmatic machines SAES 1800 vs SAES 3000, again we are left behind...

what?? were technologically behind again also in election machines???

well the elections will be up for the next few months, so before we start the elections, will have a look at technological advancements in the field of automated elections, and how advanced some other machines are now being used in some countries also made by the company smartmatic which made the pcos machines that will be used in the next automated elections,

The SAES 1800 is the current model the is intended to be used in the may elections the abrut thing is that this model is almost 7-8 years old and was used during the elections of president george bush's time, well I atest to its accuracy, but again are we lagging in technology behind... hell yes we are!

meet the reel deal.. the newer smartmatic models;

meet the SAES 3000/3300, its more economic sleek and ,more easy to use than the SAES 1800, currently the SAES 3 series was used at some South American Countries and more better results was yielded than the Older SAES 1800, 

The SAES 3000 series is more secure and more comprehensible than the SAES 1800, the SAES 3 series does not require a large amount of paper unlike the 1800, the 3000 series unlike the 1800 does not require additional auditing and automatically sends its current results directly to the main server, the 1800 requires auditing before sending the final results which may hamper or even will give a biased result,

SAES 3 series was sucessfully tested in venezuela and some other countries in south america and has proven to be successful and almost as even more accurate than the 1800 series, well here's more pics of the latest smartmatic SAES 3 series so that our teachers who will work for this elections will know more about this latest models of Smartmatic SAES machines

SAES 3000 

SAES 3300 

A newer upcoming model the SAES 4000
if you teachers and otakus like me wanna know more about the Smartmatic SAES models or you wanna compare this by yourselves, better yet check out Smartmatic's SAES line of at :

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