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Modern Warfare 2; alternative airsoft gaming

seesh, the comelec gun ban has really sucked dry the enthusiasm of airsofters in bacolod 
seems some of them are going to alternatives..

its been 3-4 months since the last issue of the comelec gun ban here in the philippines some of my comrades who are into airsoft has already been drained of their enthusiasm of playing, but some of my other comrades kept their flame, they just find some alternatives, just like me this guys played;

Modern Warfare 2

Modern warfare 2 or many calls "call of duty 6" is an expansion of the popular call of duty 4 modern warfare its a game that has some background set in the 1st modern warfare installment but newer characters, weapons and multiplayer bonuses are available and a more intensive graphics,  

the campaign mode is very adventure-action intensive, and you get to travel around the world, the most thrilling parts here are an invasion of Washington DC by the Russians to spec ops around the globe. the only thing that gets the attention of  critics and gamers alike is a level where the player gets to become a terrorist and kills civilians in an airport, which can be skipped by the option of a player.  the last mission gets you to Kyrgyzstan where you will fight the notorious official who started this conflict,   

scenario from the notorious mission "no russian"

thermal scoped EBR

Adaptive Combat Rifle - ACR

multiplayer mode is also very nice, the bad thing is their is a program by valve limiting the players options and abilities, 
the really sci-fi technology; "heartbeat sensor" on an M60 SAW

what caught my attention is the new multiplayer skills and perks available, check this out:

all in all, I can say, if your an airsoft enthusiast, getting a sigh here in the city of smiles; don't be sad, there are lots of copies of modern warfare 2 available in the small retail trade and many local gaming stations,  this can help cheer you up  and get you glued on the screen while the gun ban is around this following months, anyways hope you all airsofters have a nice day;

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