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AR Drone- iphone controlled remote control mini-copter

an AR Drone as Controlled and with camera streaming via the controlling iphone or ipod touch

yet another new innovative and unique gadget is getting attention in the gadget market, the AR Drone by Parrot Games, The AR Drone is a remote controlled quadrotor helicopter with built in wifi and 2 cameras - controlled via the iPod Touch or iPhone, it has features like realtime electronic altitude detection, live video feed, and many you may thought is of military spec origin,

check out its specifications;

it could be very useful for airsoft enthusiasts during their competitions who want to spy on enemy activity...

it can also be a good toy for those video editors and enthusiasts who want to get airborne shots, plus more to to other tech and gadget hobbyists...

to check out more about the AR drone check out their website on the AR Drone

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Mark Herrey said...

The drone industry is in a continuous development and this led to a boom of devices that flooded the market with various models, producers and even clones. Nowadays we don’t even need a special controller for our drones, it’s enough to pair them with a smartphone or a tablet by installing a specific app.