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Introduction to Dollfies for beginner Bacolod otakus

dollfie dream louise 

dollfies are very popular hobby items in Japan, otakus there enjoy such beautiful and lovely dolls and they come in all shapes and sizes and anime characters, according to one source; Dollfie dolls generally come blank, ie, their heads are not painted. When an artist paints a Dollfie, the technique is referred to as a "face-up" or "make-up". This is usually done using acrylic paints and special sealer to keep the color from coming off with play. The finished dolls are usually collected for customization and photography shoots. Dollfie dolls are much more flexible than typical Barbie-style western fashion dolls of the same size, because of the much larger number of joints in the body.

here is a comparission between a figma and a dollfie

there are many kinds of dollfies made by volks a company that started the dollfie lineup this includes:

Super Dollfies (SD)

super dollfies are at an estimated 30 and above centimeters and are as big as a little child, they can either be made from customized dollfies or DIY super dollfie sets, its the most expensive among all of the lineup. a standard super dollfie can cost as much as P5000.

Dollfie Dream(DD)
Dollfie Dream Aoi

dollfie dream is among the most popular kinds of dollfie among japanese otakus, they are available as either standard base model, standard, model (like the one above) or customized editions; customized editions are already customized from volks and most of these custom editions are anime characters.

Mini Dollfie Dream(MDD)
Mini Dollfie Dream Louise

Mini Dollfie Dream is smaller version of dollfie dream which is also quite popular in japan, its 2-5 inches smaller than the standard dollfie dream series, still its very cute to look at and can be made into "little sisters" when paired with standard DD's

making customized Dollfies
if you want to know how they make dollfies, check this site; on making dollfies

making dollfies includes the following:
a base dollfie body

head and design of the eyes

eyes and eye set

clothes and other accessories

going into this hobby on dollfies is quite expensive, remember a base DD can cost as much as P1000, not to mention another 1000 pesos or more for the accessories so you better have a decent well-paying job im not yet into collecting dollfies as of now, coz of my job is even big enough to help me around my day... (just kidding..) well anyways starting this hobby may require a lot of money and capital, standard DD's can be easily customizable if you have enoguht money to buy accessories and a new haistyle,

anyways here are some pics of dollfies around the internet
dollfie illyasavel from FSN
dollfie yui

danny choo's dollfies mirai, aoi, sayuri and cute and little mini dollfie dream
danny choo's saber

dollfie nagato

dollfie haruhi

dollfie rin from FSN

dollfie Kagami Hiiragi

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