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election 2010 a really boredom dayz among Bacolod airsofters

the comelec gun ban which was effective last first week of  January 2010 has become very strict among gun users and only several government agencies only are permitted to carry firearms,

its been a big question to me and also to some of my friends who are also enthusiasts in airsoft why even airsoft rifles are included?? just because they are replicas they can scare people...

here in Bacolod there are already 18 individuals who were caught carrying their airsoft rifles, which makes it a big issue on government agencies,

bacolod airsofters are very responsible peoples here and they have no intentions of even scaring the public I myself can testify, these airsoft enthusiasts are professionals in real life and are persons who have very normal lives, well, sad to say these coming months will be a day of boredom among airsoft enthusiasts and especially to my two friends who happen to have one...

lets hope by june all goes back to normal...

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