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The La Salle daigaku no josei no seifuku!

The USLS (La Salle Bacolod) female uniform..

The most numerous number of female student population among private schools is no other than USLS, 
or University of St La Salle. A large percentage of female students live their daily lives and revolve 
around Bacolod's University Belt.its really cute and lovely to see this young
maidens around town with their pretty green dresses, well 
there is a saying in their school, "paint the town green!" 

La Salle Girls in Bacolod are known for their brightly
colored uniform which is a combination of green colors
so, what makes up a USLS Josei no seifuku desu? com'on
let's dissect a USLS Girl's Uniform...

The Blouse: the blouse is made of a cream colored fabric
which is called Katrina, and the USLS standard cream type
is quite actually the most expensive variant among other types
of Katrina on the bacolod local textile market, it is then
cut and sewn to the wearing girl's size and proportion, according
 to friend of mine who works in a sash works, the standard USLS
uniform must have1 pleat each side in the front running down
the full length of the blouse from the chest down to the waistline.

next on the list is the bottoms of the uniform, girls
are given two options, slacks and pencil skirts; pencil
skirts are seem to be a necessity for girls who have
a very peculiar religions such as  INC and Adventist,
others are just seem to be fancy or just for style they
just want pencil skirts, while others are for economic purposes.

next on the very basic parts of a USLS josei no fuku is the
Scarf! yes! a uniform is never complete without matching accessories
 the scarf of a USLS female uniform has an estimated length of 1 meter
or less, but incredibly the scarf that I had a picture above is about 1.012
in length and a width that can cover a  whole guy's head! believe me some
USLS girls even make their scarfs into hijabs if they get bored....

Additional wardrobes of a La Salle Girl may include;

PE Uniform

this is the jogging pants in a set of USLS PE uniform, it is
paired with a white t-shirt with the School Logo or a newer
design which has the name of the school printed in very
aggressive designs...

Course-oriented clothes

also depending on the course of the girl, she may have
additional uniforms such as this wardrobe of a La Salle
Nursing student which includes duty uniforms and smock

duty uniform of a USLS nursing student

well to our ecchi friends out there, sorry you cannot see thru
a USLS girl's bottoms if u want to see their pantsu. you will only
pantsu lines if ur that drastic, just better yet let your imaginations do
their work... or better yet to some ecchi bacolod guys do this, they
 just wait for acollege girl to go down or climb up a jeepney and try
to peek at her  bura when her neckline opens when she clambers
down the jeep.(hey i'm not teaching you guys to do this but some
really desperate baocolod chavs and gopniks out there
in downtown Bacolod do this for fun..and i condemn this act of perversion :) )

The University of St. La Salle (USLS or La Salle-Bacolod) 
is a private Catholic university run by the De La Salle Brothers
located in La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City. by far it has the largest
population of female students to date.

so much for today about Bacolod Schoolgirl's uniform next well have more!


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