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Avon Catalog Teen Models; Who Are they??

many guys always asks me this question and around 50 percent of my circle of male friends always open up this topic with me whenever they stumble upon old brochures and catalogs and even more recently their appearances around the internet and their growing fan arts. so as a small opportunity for our male fans to know the more here they are!

Beatrice Nathalia Candaza

Bea Candaza as her popular nick is, now 18 and going to college, she lives in Taguig, and has at least 2 or 3 siblings(corrections if im wrong is readily accepted..) and is considered to be one of her family best children. with a height of 162cm and a model-qualifying v-stats and looks Bea really did grace every promotion she had with style, glamour and a touch teen-nes

for at least to be exact Bea modeled for Avon for at most 4 or 5 years, I saw her started to appear in Avon catalogs at about 2002, her photogenic quality made her avon's favorite model and at the same time hurdled her to the top of her career, but before Bea was modeling for Avon Philippines, she is already one of the models for Candy, Rexona, Sun Cellular and  she is managed by modelshop, currently bea won as miss taguig 2008 and many other pageants, even though she stopped modelling for Avon Philippines, bea is still active with photoshoots, and walk-in modelling. 

here is a sample of bea's print-ad


to be exact, bea was only 15 when she posed for this...

Jessie Mendiola Tawile

Jessie Mendiola is now 16 and is the current teen model for Avon Philippines she lives in Quezon City. Jessie was born in UAE where her father used to work. She is the second of three siblings, her mother is Filipina while her father is British Lebanese, which gives jessie that awesome looks. She was three years old when her mother moved and brought her and her elder sister to the Philippines. Her mother left her father due to undisclosed reasons. Her younger sister was born in the Philippines when her parents reconciled. Her parents eventually separated for the second and last time. She remains in contact with her father, who now works overseas. currently Jessie is one of the characters in the Kapamilya TV series Katorse and is considered now t be in her career height.
 with an adorable height of  5'7" and also armed with dazzling v-stats she really is a sunoy's dream girl...

 currently jessie is the official model for most Avon products such as missy, fashions and many others she took over bea's contract at about 2007-08, whilst, Bea was still appearing in the catalogs she first appeared in modeling in the jewelry and accessories and by mid-2008, she started to pose for avon missy intimates, but by late 2008, Jessie took over Bea as the official Avon teen model. she also modeled for jolibee, bingo, and  many more. she is managed by monaco models.

 here i'll also give you a sample jesse's print ad

if you want some  more info about this 2 absolutely stunning girls; I can give you this:
Bea's Portifilo in Modelshop
Jesse's Portifilo on Monaco Models

if u really into taking a look at their print-ads in Avon; check this FS; account run by some of their visayan fans; Avon Missy models
you just have to add them first in order to view their albums!


kim said...

Beside from Bea and Jessie, Chynna Ortaleza had her share as a Missy model. I was still confused by this: What is the name of the VERY FIRST Missy model? AFAIK, it was 1999 when the product line launched.

Mijur said...

hello kim! the first model as i've known for Avon missy was Sara Pertierra, she is a pinay-german and also one of the longest running models of avon. as i've also known antonnete taus also had a short modelling for avon..