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Photo Blogroll; August 2012

Oh what a shameful August this is...

A College Girl from the local City college; this is the kind of beauty local otakus here are developing ..

A typical but stylish madlang illongo house; a young lady checks her stacks of messages from her china-made phone..
Halo-Halo even though its very rainy.. 
Meet Anja Norteng Koryana; our friendly local north korean Girl.. X); Ang Ganda ko!! feel na feel ang long hair ko..(she's not really a North Korean she has some asian origin  and Idoubt Korean..)
Anyway; from Russia, this dead zombie tank division is waiting for its undead commander to call its undead crews..
You gotta be kidding me.. there's a Vietnamese soldier girl lurking around the city...
That's it for now comrades...

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