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Bacolod Cosplayer Michiyo Miho

Looks like Myrtle just found her match... 

Michiyo-kun is somewhat looks like your typical Bacolod Schoolgirl.. she lives in the Northern part of the city and is in her late high school, she may look like this but her passion has bringed her higher levels in the Bacolod Otaku community...

Michiyo and her comrades..

well she's been into cosplay almost for awhile and she seems to be the Local Otaku Communities's version of the iloilo cosplay princess and teen PBB big 4 Myrtle Sarosa..

she lives a simple and quiet life off-camera.. but her enthusiasm has bought her to stardom here..

here are some samples of her shots from her group..

As for now these are just the pics I can share about her, well I hope you had a blast.. as of now all I can say; she's one of the best of the city of smiles....

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