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Schools up again!, History Lessons and more stuff!

Just this 3rd of January, of the year; alas! school is up again.. 

Happy New year Comrades! its been happy to see all of you I hope you can come back and visit my sites again, well anyways here some more of that pics of state college girls and more illongo schoolgirls  here..

well anyways i'm also busy researching for a comrade of mine about the former german democratic republic

Hagel der Deutsch Demokratikschen Republik!

been on the front of the platform since last day 2 learning more about this former glorius republic's past and the forces behind it, its government, economy, armed forces, law and people..

DDR's best automotive product der trabi..

but still were up the grabs, will be posting more also on the local otaku community as their is a planned event again similar to 2010's animotion cosplay event..

well anyways comrades, stay tuned..

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