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The new 2010-2011 8th generation Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Just when we think we have the latest model of the Canter well think again; we may be overtaken.... Again! 

The 7th Generation Fuso Canter equipped with Euro-2 compliant 4D34 engine is still in the MPIC production lines but a newer 8th Generation is coming to the global market by march, how can we Filipino truck uswers and enthusiasts get the right kind of trucks if the latest models of  7th gen canters are being overtaken by surplus 7th gen canters like the one above..

Just this May of 2010 Mitsubishi Philippines just launched the seventh generation canter to the Filipino truck market. although the international light truck market was flooding with the new 7th generation models then out of the blue from December 2010 Fuso rolls out a newer generation of the canter, just this December in Japan.

there are now a few number of 7th gen canters in the country and I must say some owners are a few brand new Mitsubishi Philippines-Spec canters and a handful of the Surplus Japan-spec canters roaming around the country.

 Well here's another model of the canter we Illongo truck, double tire jeep, and cargo forwarder operators will look forward in Japanese surplus stock yards for the next 2 to 5 years or so..
Meet the 2010-2011 8th Generation Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today unveiled the latest generation of the light-duty Canter truck in Tokyo, Japan. Albert Kirchmann, CEO and President of MFTBC said: “After eight years, the all-new vehicle replaces the very successful predecessor model in Japan. The new Canter’s vehicle concept sets new benchmarks for economy, environmental compatibility, safety, and design.”

Fuso-affiliated dealers and regional sales centres all over Japan began offering the new Canter this December 11 of 2010. Following the launch on the Japanese market, the new truck will roll out on Fuso export markets worldwide beginning in 2011. The new Canter meets the Japan new Long-Term Emission Regulations (JP09) introduced in 2010. Boasting the lowest fuel consumption values in the light truck segment, the entire series also meets Japan’s fuel efficiency standard for trucks, which will go into effect in 2015.

The new Canter is powered by the light and highly efficient Fuso 4P10 diesel engine with low fuel consumption. This engine for the light-duty trucks segment substantially reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and CO2. The new engine generation is also very economical. As demonstrated in practical testing, the optimisation of the powertrain can improve fuel efficiency by between five and eight percent compared to the previous model, depending on driving conditions. Besides that, the engine brake, which is now fitted as standard, reduces the wear on the brakes and cuts maintenance costs by up to 20 percent due to the decreased amount of work required.

Fuso DUONIC Dual Clutch Transmission

The new Fuso Canter is fitted with the Duonic dual-clutch transmission, making it the first commercial vehicle to feature this type of transmission as standard. The Duonic dual-clutch transmission combines the advantages of automated driving with those of a manual transmission. However, it reduces fuel consumption compared to a fully automatic converter transmission and therefore also cuts emissions.

the revamped front grill design of the 8th Gen canter gives the truck more aggressive looks ..

The vehicle is already the eighth generation of this highly successful model. The environmentally-friendly vehicle, particularly sets benchmarks with regard to economy. The new Canter is the result of four and one-half years of development and of long-term tests over a total of 3.2 million kilometres worldwide. Canter was developed in strict conformity with the Commercial Vehicle Development System, which is standardised for all Daimler Trucks brands. In this system, vehicles to go through ten quality gates during the development process in order to ensure the high quality and reliability of the latest generation Canter truck.

Based in Kawasaki, Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. In 2009, the company sold a total of about 99,500 vehicles, including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses. Daimler AG owns 85 percent of MFTBC shares. MFTBC is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks division of Daimler AG.

 The Fuso Canter’s interior and exterior design has also been completely revamped, with improvements in the frame design, axle suspension, and brake system that make the vehicle lighter and safer than its predecessor. The vehicle is a strategically important vehicle for Daimler Trucks worldwide. Fuso is an integral part of Daimler Trucks. As the light-duty truck competence center for the Group, Fuso bears the responsibility for the development and production of trucks in this class. Due to its high reliability and well-established performance, the Canter is currently the best-selling vehicle for Daimler Trucks in the world.

Meter, "Ivis (Aivisu)" is one of the special features of the indicator and instrument cluster. Fuel economy and instantaneous fuel economy value chart, DPF and AdBlue level is also indicated by the fully revamped instrument cluster.

by the way, Fuso retained the dash-mounted shifter which makes the latest model very safe and very appealing:
Standard canter dashboard
Custom canter dashbaord

well anyways here are some grades and models available as of december 2010;

Canter Short body Standard

New Canter Guts

Canter custom short chassis

3T Short Chassis

3T Long Chassis

Standard/Custom 1.5T Dump

Standard/Custom 2.5T Dump

3T Aluminum Van

2.5T Long chassis wing van 

For my opinion comrades, the new canter has made me see a clear future for light trucks here in our country, I hope Mitsubishi finds a way to make the latest 8th Generation of Canter cost lower than their current offering price, once more Mitsubishi may downrate the 8th Gen Canter's engine for the Philippine market to either the 4D34U, 4D34KC, 4D35, or 4D35KC  Diesel engines which are under the Euro-2 to Euro-3 compliance.

well anyways here's some more pics of the 8th generation Canter from carwatch japan:

to the right of the Diesel tank is the urea tank for the AdBlue System

well its unknown when will Mitsubishi launch the winter 2010 and 2011 canter model here in the Philippines it may somewhere be in Summer or opening of Classes in Mid 2011, but anyways i'll be watching for the 8th Gen Canter's Release in 2011 in our country..

if you want to watch more and more info on the late 2010 and early 2011 model canter you can checkout this sites(sorry sites in Japanese just turn on your Google translate on your IE and FF browsers or better yet, install Google Chrome.. ):

Well Comrade Illongo Otakus, Illongo Truckers and jeepeney  and Bus Operators, I hope you have catched the latest on the japanese light truck industry which we heavily rely on vehicles.. 


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`i think it will be another 5yrs or even more to see the new 8thgen canter here in our shore, kaka release lng din ng canter 7thgen dito sa atin ,lagi naman tayo late sa mga ganyan

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