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High Performance Japanese Police Cars and other vehicles

To combat high speed lawless elements every country in the world requires high performance police vehicles and Japan is no exception..

japan since the late 2000's and as of  today realized the need of ways combating lawless elements who use speed to out chase the law, well as of now japan realized this and started to mandate each prefectures to have very high performance cars which we from the world outside could not believe Japanese law makers would do such a thing to allow prefectures have a fleet high performance JDM vehicles during its first implementation what's more most of the cars are considered one of japan's most fast and furions cars around the world recognized by the JDM international community as the mos renowned fast cars..

There's two classes of japanese police cars.

One is the ones known hugely from movies and all medias that are all factory-spec with very light tuning.
this include some of the local cars used mostly for patrolling the streets of cities in Japan this include:

 for street and district patrolling the prefectural police forces use

Nissan march

Suzuki altos

Daihatsu Miras

Suzuki Swifts and Wagon R's

for mid city patrolling and some highway patrolling they rely on this vehicles:

Toyota Crowns

Nissan Cedrics (the second cedric is equipped with a debris shield; a clear plastic panel in front which protects the windshield from speed related debris such ruptured tire pieces and similar objects)
Although this cars are the lightly tuned ones crowns and cedrics of the highway police forces are equipped with speed limiters making them very disappointing in high speed pursuits especially pursuing high risk law breakers and illegal streets racers called Hashiriyas; 

Street racers, known natively as hashiriya (走り屋), often occur on expressways and highways, where they are known as kōsoku battle or commonly known as Roulette-zoku as they drive round and round in circular motions and frequently occur on the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo. Japanese racers have also popularized racing along the narrow winding roads of the mountains of the country, known as Tōge.

other vehicles in service with Japanese law enforcement includes

Patrol Vans such as Nissan Caravans and Toyota Hiaces

Toyota SUV's such as Isis, Hilux surfs, Prados and Land Cruisers

Trucks and other specialized vehicles such this Mercedes unimog from the Saitama prefecture..
This vehicles mostly serve in specialized scenarios such as highway patrols and crowd control.. 

But when the mid patrol vehicles above cannot stand the lawbreaker in pursuit this calls for the counter part of US Highway pursuit vehicles the heralded JDM racers dressed in black and white these are high performance spec cars custom built for speed and durability by the Japanese law enforcement agency . These include the Spirit-R Vehicles such as:

WRX Imprezas

RX7s and RX8s, 

the entire Nissan GTR, GTS and GTT and V36/G35 Skyline and Fairlady Z series,

The Honda and Acura NSX

Mitsubishi GTO's and Eclipses

Toyota Supras and celicas

and many other high performance series of vehicles from different manufacturers. However, they try to save the second class of cars for high-risk criminals or for extreme situations. One thing for sure though this JDM machines have been tuned specifically for this kind of service. they have their speed limiters removed and some of them also use similar aftermarket modifications such as Modified ECU chips,  Cold air intakes, Cat back exhausts, race tuned suspensions, high performance tires,  roll cages, racing seats and all the known aftermarket upgrades you can ever imagine... minus the expensive car audio system... yes this cars are tuned to pursue notorious and high risk criminals and hard headed hashiriyas who use speed to evade the long arm of the japanese law..  some cars are also rumored to have nitrous oxide systems... 

well meaning to say the Japanese law enforcement people are willing to do things which they cannot handle.. 
to my fellow illongo otakus I hope you have an idea of pursuit cars in Japan used by their police forces 

for some closing remarks; here's a video of the well equipped tokyo police forces and their full range of vehicles..

Hope you like this post and to all PNP personnels visiting this site evaluate yourself against other countries..

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