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Code of ethics for student teachers?

before thinking of going into a relationship with your students, student teachers should be careful and must know something which is called code of ethics

Teaching is very volatile and highly dignified profession; professional teachers themselves find it very hard to uphold such high standard of ethical codes, its a sample to all student teachers to know it, if you want to become dignified and resepected educators someday, you must be able to uphold yourself of being morally dignified, professionally clean and mentally pure of heart of your intentions of being and educator.

professinalism is expected from teachers always especially student teachers to be exact because you are being evaluated by those who are veterans in the education sector..

before going into the field of teaching and the profession of education one teacher perhaps even a student teacher should find him/herself ready for the variably very large and heavy commitment ahead; as its been repeated again and again and again to Nth times  in almost all colleges who are teaching education courses; "Teaching is a gift", 

 well it means you are mentally and emotionally ready to handle the tasks set for you as a student teacher;

If you wanna go and F! the education system of the institution better think again before deciding in dedicating to being a teacher.. 

here it is;

The Code of Ethics for Student Teachers

Ethical student teachers should respect the following guiding ethical principles:

1.Respect for human dignity

- Speaks and acts towards all students with respect and dignity; and deals
judiciously with them at all times, always mindful of their individual
rights and personal sensibilities.

quote: you are responsible for yourself, your profession, your course, your dignity and the name of your institution or college, tarnishing it in any means will not only get you in a messy situation but the name of your university or college. so speak it right..

- Respects the dignity and responsibilities of cooperating teachers, peers,
principals, parents and other professionals or para-professionals within the
school, school board and community.

even if your department head or even your principal may look like this; still you must respect him, because he is your superior..

quote: respect your superiors and they will respect you, that is one of the many few ways you can participate and have colorful and very respectable student-teacher deployment.

2. Respect for vulnerable persons

- Respects and recognizes ethical obligations towards vulnerable persons.
This principle recognizes that students are in a vulnerable position and that
student teachers are in a privileged relationship with students and their
families and will always refrain from exploiting that relationship in any
form or manner.
If you have a student this hot! DO ALWAYS LEARN TO SAY NO!
don't  be a very lustful student teacher.. you may get all the boys you want, and you may become popular but you will tarnish your very dignified profession..

quote: this means you must respect your students both male and female, and not to exploit them thru any means as you can imagine, having a good relationship with your students does not mean that the issue of falling in love with your own students under you (student teacher-student relationship) which is a BIG NO! NO! this a big pitfall among young, sexy, flirty female student teachers(especailly those in the BSED category),  remember when you do this you not only tarnish the profession but also stains your career in the coming future.. so before you want to hang open your cute student teacher blouse when having something dropped on purpose in front of your male students; better think of it again.. 

3.Respect for confidentiality and privacy

-  Respects the confidential nature of all information related to students and
their families and will share such information in an appropriate manner
only with those directly concerned with their welfare.

If your student likes to jump out of the school's  windows more often just to cut classes like her; just leave her alone; but don't forget to tell incidents to your superiors, you can just remind them, but if it gets worst.. let your coop or head teacher do the rest.. 
don't ever get an idea I want you to do this.. (courtesy of onegai teacher!)

quote: private life of students, especially those who are involved in cases of juvenilism, teenage pregnancy, broken families, criminal records and those who have really very hard family problems should never be let out in the open or meddled in and around by student teachers, their are people responsible for them which includes case workers, guidance councilors and psychiatrists.   

-  Respects the confidential nature of all information related to all school
personnel and will share such information in an appropriate manner.

Gosh! mass media destroys everything in its path even schools..

if your superior is this kind of flirty hot and sexy, still try to respect her because she's in your ass first and she knows the business more than you do.. 

quote: all personal information, private life, personal life, and personal characteristics of not only by school faculty but also in other departments of the educational institution should never be meddled around by student teachers, attitudes of your superiors should be respected whatever she treats you must retain even an ounce of respect for them even if they treat you not according to what you want, 

if your department head or even the old professor, in the next room seems to be a guy with somewhat a lolita complex, try to respect, him his still your superior, just make sure he goes within the limits of morality, if he abuses try to find means to take action by just telling it to the proper school authities.. not slap the issue in front of the public.. if your the one who feels being disrespected do a move in professional manner..

4. Respect for justice

- Respects and recognizes the right of individuals to be treated with fairness
and equity and the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest.
always maintain a good realtionship with your students under you!

If you feel your students are trying to getting to meddle around with your personal life, try to fend them off professionally  or find another topic to relate to them ..

quote: treat everyone within your deployed institution fairly, whatever it takes, stay away or even don't fire up or fuel conflicts within your superiors, students and fellow student teachers.

5.Respect for safety of students

- Respects the right of individuals to expect that student teachers will
engage in practices that aim to ensure the physical, psychological and
emotional safety of students.

if your student is kind of hurt in all means, your still liable to help, him/her like if she gets a blistered hand; once she runs into you and asks for help, don't find any more alibis, just help him/her at the full capability you have..   

quote: as a student teacher, you also have some small responsibility with the students under you, anything happening to them is your responsibility, includes if they get hurt, get bullied come up with a fight with other students when you see them is your responsibility, remember try to fend off  quarrels if you can handle it, but if you cannot find some help with your co-student teachers or better yet other faculty...

6.Respect for existing ethical codes and professional standards

professionalism; don't even try doing this in front of your male superior! you think you can get a good sorry with this kind of move??

warning to these female student teachers: try to be decent in such profession don't let your students peek your lovely pair of intimates! know how to select the right clothes for your profession and before going to your class.. 

quote: There are lean codes and ethics you must abide, being a teacher is very delicate and very volatile profession every attitude you show in front of your students is a future example, try to be more professional in front of your students for sake...

- Respects the authority, roles and responsibilities of the cooperating teacher and agrees to adhere to the responsibilities and obligations for teachers asoutlined in the Education Act, Faculty and University handbooks as well as all local agreements by host school boards and schools.

Always remember to maintain a systematic and by-the-book   moves during your activities and similar  demos.. 
if you have a personal area in your department, try to keep it clean neat and organized... 

quote: remember to respect everything that rules around you,  remember the policies, your responsibilities, your work and specific rules of the institution always read the teacher's handbook of the institution's policies for the faculty; this includes reading rules and policies printed, memos, circulars etc. of the institution or the faculty handbook., if you cannot adhere to it, try adhering and get used if you cannot.. better find another school who will accept your standards or better yet make your own school..

7. Balancing harm and benefits

- Acknowledges that any potentially harmful practices (eg. Science Labs
and Physical Education Activities) must be balanced with anticipated
benefits and conducted in a prudent informed manner.

Sports activities especially PE should be handled carefully by supervising student teachers...

Practice makes perfect right???

quote: this is one of the most vital and even the most important things you must know! especially here in our country where everything in the classroom  is carefully recycled and that any mishaps in equipments both in PE and science classes can not only cause of injury and property damage it becomes a big mess to the participating school and to your college or institution,  remember if your a student teacher in the PE and Science majoring, Safety of the students and the school equipment is the no.1 priority..

remember; a happy student teacher and a dignifically professional student teacher  will someday become an excellent and well-respected teacher..

well that's it teacher wannabees, if you want to know more about the student teacher code of ethics and its background you can read more here: 
and if you want the DepEd's code of ethics for teachers for those who really decided to become a dedicated teacher here it is.. 
anyways this post was requested by some of my comrade student teachers who were afraid of their first deployment that the students they may encounter were maybe too hard or too soft to handle for them! Udachi! good luck comrade thel, gella and abby! may you have a very fulfilling student teacher life! 

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