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Trololo and the Grass Mud Horse

Recently this guy is getting popular in the internet with an old soviet song which seems to be frozen in Siberia..

since last year the Grass Mud Horse has been a symbol of chinese fight for IT freedom

Trololo man

 Эдуард Анатольевич Хиль Eduard Anatolevich Khil is now one of internet's singing sensation 

A hit internet meme sensation which started 4 months ago and still climbing the youtube charts, the song is originally titled "I am very glad because im finally returning back home", the song was originally sang  in the late soviet 60's  “Tro-lo-lo.” In fact, the song still remains quite familiar to the older Russian audiences; the Sovie Azerbaijani singer Muslim Magomaev had previously sung it in the 1960s Soviet television show The Blue Spark,

The Classic song was known in Soviet times in a singing style called “vokaliz,” a cognate of the English “vocalise” or vocal exercise. Vokaliz is not, however, a vocal exercise but a style of singing similar to pantomime or even American scat singing of the 1920s.

But what makes this song very appreciated is its form, in which anyone of any language and culture can appreciate with its jazzy beats and not so hard lyrics anyone can sing, parodize, and even do some derevatives about it, as of now the Trololo song has hit over 100K views and parodies and remakes

 Khil made a remake dated somewhere in the 1970's but due to soviet censorship, the video was never released for dozens of years and was stored in the producer's almost dusting in their storage bins but in a nick of busty luck, a youtuber of the username realpapit uploaded this video and was not recognized until January of 2010 a few internet users started to Parodize the video

Here's a compilation of almost all those parodies made by countless internet users in youtube see how these made this song such a singing sensation..

after such hit more and more remakes started to show including remix versions

Bob rovsky remix

Teetow remix

Woody Woodpecker Remix

Sparta Remix!

There's even a Hatsune Miku version!

Other meta parodies include:


Hitler gets Trolololed!

Trololo Vader!!

Well as of now Eduard Khil is Surprised and Happy to know his song has been appreciated and loved thru this forms..

The Grass Mud Horse

The Grass Mud Horse – (草泥马) Cǎo Ní Mǎ – is a Chinese Internet meme widely used as symbolic defiance of the widespread Internet censorship in China. It is one of the 10 mythical creatures, and since an article about it was created on Baidu Baike in early 2009, it has become a  phenomenon on the internet in China through chat forums. Videos, cartoons and merchandise of this animal, which apparently resembles the alpaca, have appeared, and it has since received worldwide press attention.
The Chinese government began a new internet censorship campaign last year called "Harmony", ostensibly aimed at combating "vulgarity and pornography" on the Chinese web. However, it has been used most often to shut down Blogs and discussion forums (like this one), including those that only mildly criticize the government.

Since Last year this cute llama like creature have been on air from youtube to other networks around china and has been described to be the creature that scaled the Golden shield of the people's republic of china, Known as the Great firewall of China thisa project aims to prevent outside influences thru the internet thru a complex series of internet monitoring and blocking systems, which made many sites inaccessible to the chinese people.

The song is the biggest meme-protest put up by internet users in China it tells the Ministry of Information and its superiors to go f! their mothers, which the word literally means but in other dialects it seems to be no sens at all it justs sounds as an animal roaming in the desert,

There is a herd of Grass Mud Horses
In the wild and beautiful Ma Le Desert (Gobi Desert)
They are lively and intelligent
they are fun-loving and nimble
They live freely in the Ma Le Desert
They are courageous, tenacious, and overcome the difficult environment

Oh lying down Grass Mud Horse
Oh running wild Grass Mud Horse
They defeated river crabs in order to protect their grass land
River crabs forever disappeared from Ma Le Desert

An Animated version with  Rap lyrics

..Well, as it goes in Chinese, "Grass-Mud-Horse" is legal to say, of course, but "Cao-ni-ma(草泥马)" also sounds like "F*** your mother". And "River Crabs(河蟹)" sounds like "Harmony(和谐)" (the government's censorship program)! The "Ma Le Desert(马勒戈壁Gobi Desert)" is "your mother's private part".

This all "loses a lot in the translation" but in Chinese it is hilarious, especially when it sounds like children are singing about a cute horse that just wants to be free.

The Cao-ni-ma movement is spreading like wild fire in China. Top intellectuals and artists are getting involved. Many variations of the song appeared and are sang publicly. There are also many artistic renderings, toys, dolls etc.

The intended meaning of the punt may seems to be vulgar, but one simply could not help cracking up at its cleverness. What came across is the purity, innocence, humor and ingenuity. It defies any form of tyrannical suppression. It made a mockery of the oppressors. It is simply an unstoppable force of truth that will touch many hearts and souls.

Who's the river crab..

The River crab, mostly known as the Green Dam Software,(simplified Chinese: 绿坝·花季护航; pinyin: Lǜbà·Huājì Hùháng) is content-control software for Windows developed in the People's Republic of China (PRC). Originally under a directive from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to take effect on 1 July 2009, to be mandatory to have either the software, or its setup files accompanied on a compact disc or pre-installed on all new personal computers sold in mainland China, including those imported from abroad, but then changed to voluntary, Another meme of the crab is the now famous, Green Dam Girl

Green Dam, the Nanny filter software that all PC manufacturers in China are required, by July 1, to install on all PCs they sell, has been widely criticized and mocked in the Chinese and foreign media and on the Internet.

The latest onslaught on a government policy that everyone from nationalist Chinese netizens to foreign journalists derides as absurd is a series of images featuring  the
Green Dam Girl (绿坝娘).

河蟹 (English: River crab), is an internet slang created by netizens in Mainland China in reference to Internet censorship. The word river crab sounds similar to the word harmonious (simplified Chinese: 和谐; pinyin: héxié) in Chinese Mandarin. The three wristwatches refer to the Three Represents, where the Mandarin expressions used for "represent" (Chinese: 代表; pinyin: dài biǎo) and "to wear a watch" (simplified Chinese: 戴表; traditional Chinese: 戴錶; pinyin: dài biǎo) arehomophones.

Since the Chinese Communist Party announced the goal of constructing a "Harmonious Society" (simplified Chinese: 和谐社会) in 2004 and the government of Mainland China usually cites this as the reason for censorship, Chinese netizens began to use the word "harmonious" as a euphemism for censorship, when the word for censorship was censored. And when the word harmonious began to be censored, Chinese netizens began to use the word "river crab". Sometimes aquatic product (simplified Chinese: 水产) is used in place of "river crab". It is also used as a verb, for example, instead of saying something has been censored, one might say "it has been harmonized" (simplified Chinese: 被和谐了; traditional Chinese: 被和諧了) or "it has been river-crabbed" (simplified Chinese: 被河蟹了). In someBBSs, "harmonious" is a censored word, so netizens use "river crab" instead.

The Green Dam girl is now so popular today it is even made into cosplay and many other versiuons have been made and is also as up to now very popular in the net outside and inside china..

The “crab” logo in the pictures refers to “harmonize”, a term directly derived from President Hu Jintao’s regular exhortations for Chinese citizens to create a harmonious society. In spoken Chinese, “river crab” sounds very much like “harmony”, which in China’s cyberspace has become a synonym for censorship.

Since then, we never heard of this memes because we have been very busy with our own affairs including the politics in our country , we must be thankful that we are not like china, we have all the freedom we want to express ourselves.

In closing, lets just be thankful we are free and in fact we can see guys like trololo man entertain our hearts and minds and just express what and how otaku we are! Da zdravstvuet nasha respublika!

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