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Japnese Comic Books up Close - Danny choo

Its been a big mystery for me how do real Japanese comic books and magazines look like and how much they cost a piece, some comic books seems to be more thicker than thought while others are thin, well anyways a friend of mine from japan(not danny), gave me a few pics of it and one is below..

Now you and me in Bacolod now have some idea..

and here are some pics danny has thru his latest post:

Comic stands are everywhere and anywhere in japan, mostly can be found in medium sized supermarkets, in malls, shopping centers and mostly are in akibahara.. some are also where most fellow otakus in japan considers a place of importance such as shibuya. 

well according  to danny the latest price on Japanese comic stands, a bunch of saucy magazines that one can usually pick up from any convenient store are going for only 390 yen that includes a DVD, which is packed with other premium items, inside...

A sample of some free dvd's and bd's included in some Japanese magazines

As you can see with these items are also the one responsible for keeping up the sale and some items are also limited making the magazine a sought after item, this magazines are called famitsu

here are some samples of Magazines that may make you want them..


AV idols



Other magazines and comics also include like the one below:

here are some from Danny's post; it was sent to him by his friends from publishing house Ichijinsha send over a ton of mags - for bed time reading I presume.

Among the mags were these cute ones called Waai featuring a load of cute....girls.

here's a link on Danny's post here

Well im planning to get one... interested?? so much for our comrades here in Bacolod, hope you like this small  pictures i've got you ;)

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