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yet another successful peer to peer music site is getting more and more popular as of the moment welcome is a pet site of the original site which is in true nature a video sharing site.

Mixpod's technology is already the most common among many sites in this category of video sharing. however a quantum leap of mixpod is the technology of its flash player to play both streamed youtube based videos and hosted streamed mp3s all in the same playlist.

video playlists has long been a common web content even youtube has this, but for mixpod, they did it even further. provided with a variety of video player skins, and easy to use search tool, mixpod is the easiest and most open content video sharing site up to date. with almost hundreds of users signing up in a day.

Old mixpod player
mixpod started to become popular as one of the most powerful music sharing sites imeem started to disable embedding in websites and its rival was taken over by myspace. I have no idea how mixpod runs its corporate relations; but as of now mixpod is getting more and more popular.

recent mixpod standard player

share system and copyrights and policies,
mixpod as a video sharing site has linked itself to youtube in most of its media content. if youtube gives out a policy, mixpod must adhere to it in order to maintain itself online and corporately, included in this is that today a standard playlist option is that mixpod's players must stream live videos, most non-video capable flash players today has been downgraded to link and stream user uploaded mp3 urls. copyright policy of mixpod is via catch and report, meaning if its only reported by users. making it easy for sharing and streaming even full length music. time to time the despise some contents are missing and users are opted to shift to store Mp3 versions in urls around the net. unlike you pop and whatever likers out there, my mixpod playlist all contain un-copyrighted tracks and un-verified authors making it that it can stream full length contents. my unpopular genre and so-related contents enables my mixpod accounts stream this full content, this include bizzare music such as red army choir and revolutionary songs and jpop and anime musics. contents example such as Britney spears will have a hard time streaming due to copyright and related stuffs.

 we hope mixpod continues to ride as it is once and still give users the right streaming content with jitty-ibirish legal and corporate talks.

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