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Iron Man 2 Game

With the recent release of the new iron man 2 movie last April 30, here's another thing you don't wanna miss in the gaming and action world, Iron Man 2 game, which introduces iron man's buddy; war machine

Sega and Other platform makers together with marvel comics has released since the start of April the new Iron Man 2 Game, available in Wii, Xbox, PS3, Sega platforms,

In the game plot, roxxon, aim(east european origin) and such antagonist organizations is aiming of world domination and taking over  iron man's company stark industries, their main target is the technology facility of stark industries based somewhere   in the pacific, iron and together with the SHIELD,  goes into battle with this two knotrabidas, and new enemies emerge, general shatalov (crimson dynamo) and  kearson dewitt  (ultimo)

the game mode includes a scenario, bonus missions and so on..

The game looks so good and the CG graphics are made well enough you can keep you glued to your couch and the gameplay is nice enough you can have it in your games collection so for me I give it 4 and 1/2 red stars; too bad russians are the antagonists here..

anyways; here's a game trailer so you can see more of this game;

here's a gameplay vid;

well I hope you enjoyed your watch of the Iron Man 2 Movie!

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