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otaku rooms - primer

here's something you people would find interesting about otakus.. their rooms, much of the people of the otaku world tend to hide in their little paradises like these but one thing for sure you'll see their collections here and their weird and awesome gadgets so let's take a peek in different kinds of otaku bedrooms

A girl otaku's room somewhat reflects what kind of girl otaku she is, sweet, simple, authentic or outrageous..  

Boy otakus meanwhile tend to either be techy or  collective, seeing rooms like these makes me interested if I can have stuffs like what this guy has.

A bit messed up room of a girl otaku who loves music

An otaku guy's room this guy really is that die hard..

A simple mid-ranged otaku girl's shelf, this one likes jpop cd's notice her collections of Aya, gundam seed, and onegai sensei..

An otaku girl's corner shelf, keeping her collections such as final fantasy cans, dragonball figmas, saber, chibi haruhi and hachune 

this guy's really of the hook...

In our shores

Alodia's room 

in our terms we do have some rooms filled by our local otakus, I can still compliment we can qualify internationally in community contests such as otacool in terms of stuffs, room arrangement and so on..   

My headquarters is not yet that qualified... XD
well I hope I've inspired you with this post on what to design your room once you decided to become a fan of anbus here in bacolod when you've seen anbufest, well if you have the budget of making your rooms like those above, better yet try it!

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